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Dream Vignettes by Fifi Leigh at

On Friday, April 5, 2019, I finally decided to self-publish my graphic novel. I edited the whole graphic novel four times, and I finally decided that enough is enough. I seemed to play with it every time, even though I didn't spot any typos. I guess I am never satisfied with my work, and there is always something to improve. But I hope it is now good enough. When I uploaded 203 pages of the graphic novel, I soon realized that I needed to convert MS Publisher file into PDF because MS Publisher pub isn't compatible with publishing. So, I went on Youtube to research. Then, I uploaded the covers, which also has a barcode on the back cover. My Illustrator created covers uploaded fast because I had saved them as JPEG files. 

I soon realized that the whole publishing process is new and different from when I self-published my first novel, The Sand Dollar, on LULU in September 2006. There were many changes, which was a little bit confusing. I bought a copy of my graphic novel because I wanted to check it out in print. They calculated the production costs and paper, and the price tended to be much higher than my first novel's pricing. My graphic novel's price was adjusted to $27.50. That sounds good for me because I had calculated on my own, beforehand my own production costs, and I considered making it around $20 because it was a lot of work, more work than writing a novel. I also had to pay for shipping and taxes, which cost me altogether--$33.94. I also decided to save a copy my computer work of the graphic novel pages and covers on a CD. 

On Tuesday, April 8th, I decided to do the "poor man's copyright," placing on my rough draft sketches and notebook with script into a large manila envelope, and mailing it to myself. I received this package in the mail, the next day. 

Now, I need to work on marketing material, but I am not sure what to do. I did some sketches. But I don't like them. I need to brainstorm better ideas. I might do a video, as well as some colored pencil sketches. 

I am still waiting for my copy of the graphic novel to come in the mail. I hope everything looks good.


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Finished my 2nd novel, Dream Vignettes

It is a rainy and cloudy month. I decided not to go on the Woodbridge meetup at 6 pm because it was just cold, cloudy and wet outside this evening, even though it was warm, sunny and peaceful in the morning. How quicky the sky changed. Anyway, this January 2019, I finally finished drawing my graphic novel. I even edited it a couple of times as well as I drew the covers on Illustrator, although I saved the covers as jpeg files. I am currently proofing the graphic novel for the second time, but working slowly, hoping to catch typos, computer glitches, and other inconsistencies. I did catch a lot of lame typos during the first time I proofed it. There were also some software glitches. I made some changes during the second round of proofing. I wonder if I should go through a third round, or if it is good enough now. 


My graphic novel, Dream Vignettes, is 201 pages long, and it is a prequel to The Sand Dollar. I plan to self-publish it on, like the first novel. I hope everything works out. I am not sure when I will feel ready to self-publish because I keep going over it to make sure it is OK. I hope it will upload correctly and come out right. 


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Early May 2010, animal rights activists and animal lovers join together to support Susan Barrett and other animal rights activists who are fighting to stop Robeson Animal Shelter from further killing the animals in their facility. Facebook users are asked to place a particular picture in the profile picture of their page, for one week, in order to make a statement that this animal holocaust cannot continue. Jeff Bass, the Director of Robeson Animal Shelter in North Carolina, has been killing these homeless animals for over ten years. Animal Rights Activists are also fighting to terminate his job at the Robeson Animal Shelter in order to give these animals hope for a happy home and future.

Animal rights activists are outraged that Jeff Bass is still working there, even though there were many complaints about all of the animal abuse, torture, mutilation, and killing going on.

Help save homeless animals in your community before someone kills them.

For more information, check out






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Israeli Apartheid Week Comes to UC Irvine


As I browse through UC Irvine's Vendor Week during the first week of May 2010, I buy a couple of things that I need. A student hands me a postcard and I check it out. It is a four-day campaign to educate the students about the Israeli/Palestine conflict. It sounds interesting, and I decide to check it out, next week.

A week later, I arrive at UC Irvine, with my messenger bag hanging across my chest, and I check out the posters and props used for the demonstration. This event is titled, Israeli Apartheid Week: A Call To Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel. Immediately, I notice a "wall" made of billboard-sized sections that are placed next to each other to resemble the wall that Israel built to separate the Palestinians from the Israelis. But on this demonstration wall, there are graphic pictures, statistics, and facts about the information in the Palestine/Israel situation. As I read the horrific information on these boards, I realize that I wasn't aware how bad the situation was there since the American media is inaccurate and often misleading. I pick up some brochures and pamphlets from a table for further reading.

From the postcard, I notice that there are eight speakers and ten seminars. Each speaker comes from a different background, but each person has the same purpose, which is to educate and inform the American public in the hope to create positive action. They also want to uncover the truth behind the myths, lies and deception of the media. These speakers included professors at Princeton University and UC Santa Barbara, lecturers at UC Berkeley and Stanford University, two journalists, Peace Activist from Germany, and a Community Leader/Activist.

On May 10th, Hedy Epstein speaks about Palestine in two seminars, Remembering Is Not Enough, Part 1 and Part 2. Then, Dr. Hatem Bazian speaks about the Roots of the Conflict. On May 11th, Dr. Norman Finkelstein talks about The Tides Are Changing and The Gaza Invasion. On May 12th, Alison Weir talks about If Americans Knew, Part 1 and Part 2. Then, Dr. William Robinson talks about UC Israel. On May 13th, Amir Abdel Malik Ali talks about Death To Apartheid. Then, Omar Shakir talks about Apartheid Is Real. I found these seminars to be interesting as I took a lot of notes to summarize and outline each seminar for my online journalism site.

Some protestors attended, each carrying American and Israeli flags as well as a yellow flag with a curled up rattlesnake. They carried their 9/11 posters as well as they wore their United Against Terrorism t-shirts to support the media lies and deception that they believe in. Some of these protestors seemed shocked and embarrassed about everything they heard. They took snapshots of the demonstration props and billboards. Some of them tried to argue with the speakers during the Question and Answer session at the end of each seminar. But what they said was usually either off topic or misquoted, and they were dismissed.

When I arrive home, I eagerly summarize each seminar in ten different articles before posting these articles on an online journalism site. I am happy to report honest journalism to the world.



For more information, check out the site,


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A New Year...

It is now 2009, it has been a rebirth for me, especially after last month's crap as well as the crap of the first 2 weeks of January. The aftermath of the mess has left me with a loss of smell. I am hoping it is only temporary. But I nevertheless continue my search for online writing jobs in the hopes of making it a full-time career as I further contribute articles to, bukisa and associated content.

  For fun, I am reading The Devil Wears Prada, which I have acquired through a used book sale recently. I have also bought a script book in order to improve my graphic novel script before I continue drawing. I am so busy that my head is continually spinning as I struggle to get things done.



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9/06 to 2/07

Tuesday 20 of February, 2007

The author and ghostwriter of The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh continues her book promotion tour at various local events as well as internationally via the internet. She writes about the famous Fifi Leigh's autobiography of her career path and Fifi's spiritual adventurous through the unknown. As she writes Fifi's spiritual story, she lets Fifi narrate her journal of events that lead to her final destination.

Tuesday 20 of February, 2007
(here is an excerpt from the novel, The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh)

After Dinner Entertainment

After you and Braden had left to go back to the condo, the immediate family went out to a five-star restaurant for a quiet and intimate dinner while discussing future family plans. It was very serious and taxing. Two hours of intense discussions and occasional arguments while trying to enjoy our five-course meal had finally passed, and dessert was being passed around and shared by the whole group. We took our doggie bags, and we drove to mom and dad’s house in order to relax and hang out in front of the television set.
As we reached the driveway of mom and dad’s house, we noticed a caravan of parked cars—an assortment of aged and weather-beaten Nova, Chrysler, pickup truck, camper and Ford—camped out in the driveway. We all shouted, “OH SHIT,” in unison as we saw the lowlife relatives anxiously and eagerly waiting to go inside the house for their Easter dinner. We got out, from our cars, greeted them with fake smiles, opened the front door, let the herd in, and reheated the doggie bag leftovers, as well as whatever we could find in the refrigerator and cupboard. Mom and dad were out of beverages, and no one wanted to go out and buy some more. As you might have guessed, there was a lot of alcohol consumption. However, the kids were given ice tea, ice coffee or water, even though I noticed some of them were gulping down alcoholic drinks from their parents’ glasses and beer cans.
Anyway, as the relatives dozed off on our leftover dinner and over-consumption of alcohol, Maloney, Pharris and I, due to boredom, decided to give various relatives code names that only the immediate family members will know about.
Where shall I begin? Do you remember our cousin Rodney Lee? This forty-year-old white trash man, with Asian features, has a love for karate, a strong love for himself, and a hatred for the Asian race because of his embarrassment that he resembles the people that he despises. Well, his code name is Kung Fu Lee Teriyaki because we couldn’t decide which Asian race he resembles more, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Japanese. There is short and stocky Mike Lee, whose code name is The Hobbit, even though he resembles a troll or Gollum. And rumors are going around that Mike Lee is getting a divorce because his Aryan German wife, Jan, wants to marry her psychiatrist. She told him that the only reason why she married him was for his “Lee” last name. He is using drugs, hanging out at the local liquor store, and being constantly mistaken for a drunken hobo because of his hideous appearance. Due to loneliness, Rodney and Mike traveled to Africa in order to search for wives. They returned with two child brides that are half their age and married them in Las Vegas by an Elvis Presley impersonator. Since Mike’s son, Dan Lee, looks exactly like his father, Dan’s code name is Frodo.
The code name for cousins Nancy Smith-Taylor, Laurie Lee and Betty Johnson-Tyler is the Lelou Belle Trio because of their obsession with the Supermodel Lelou Belle. They endure extreme measures to try to resemble Lelou’s look by getting the exact same hairstyle, over-bleaching their hair to the same shade of platinum blonde color, wearing heavy makeup and bronzing powder to cover up their haggard faces, and constantly posing in front of the mirror in order to try to achieve that Lelou Belle look with their grotesque facial features. Laurie has actually bought green contact lens to complete her Lelou Belle semblance. Betty has become a Botox addict, swearing that this drug has given her a youthful and better complexion. Nancy copies Lelou’s personality and mannerisms, as well as constantly kissing herself in the mirror, and telling herself how beautiful and perfect she looks. All three of them periodically get a Brazilian Wax Treatment in order to clean up their hairy primate appearance. In reality, they resemble hookers on drugs. If we want to talk about them individually, we will refer to them as Lelou1, Lelou2 and Lelou3, respectively. Nancy Smith, a reformed prostitute, found religion and married an older man, whom she met in church, named Salem Taylor. She is now pregnant with their second child, Lelou Belle Taylor. They already have a little boy named Glenn Taylor. Her younger sister, Nicole Smith, The Starving Artist, is trying to clean up her life while working as a cocktail waitress at a nightclub. She has three tattoos, at least ten pierced body parts, and wild and neon-colored spiked hair. I noticed strange markings, located on the insides of her arms, from either needle marks or skin mutilation. Scary! Their mother, Mary Smith, whose code name is The Bag Lady because of her scavenger ways, incoherent speech, and gypsy-like attire, is a retired babysitter. Their father, Alan Smith, whose code name is The Bible Man because of his strict following of the Bible, is a retired janitor and a former porn star. In his twenties, he backpacked throughout Europe and worked odd jobs in order to pay for his Bachelors and Masters degrees in art history and drama at two European universities. He eventually came to America to become a film star. He didn’t have any connections, and American colleges refused to hire him as a Drama or Art Professor because his degrees were from foreign universities. After his first job as a porn actor, as well as doing some low budget acting jobs, he suffered with alcoholism and depression because he was told that he doesn’t have what it takes to make it as a professional actor. When he hit his lowest point in his depression and alcoholism, occasionally physically and mentally abusing his family, he decided to get help. He found religion, became a born-again Christian, and vowed to lead a clean, sober and strict life, following every word of the Bible and working an ordinary job as a janitor.
Cousin Susan Lee-Robinson is Wacko Psycho because of her mental illness as well as her alcohol and drug addiction that she inherited from her Aryan German mother, Maggie Lee, The Albino Whale. Homely, abused and a reject of society, Maggie has always wanted to be a model. She holds an eternal grudge on society because of her unfulfilled dream. She has been working two, and sometimes three, blue collared jobs since she was in high school in order to achieve the luxurious model’s lifestyle that she has always dreamt of, and always bragging to other people about her false achievements so as to make herself appear better than she actually does. All three of her homely daughters have inherited this passion for supermodels because Maggie constantly tells them that modeling is the ultimate career and there isn’t any other substitute career or lifestyle. I noticed that Susan’s daughter, little Jackie, is abnormally small for her age, compared to the body types of her big boned, fat-assed and tall mother, aunts and grandmothers. Susan’s son, Pete-Rose Robinson, wants to be a professional baseball player like his father, even though he dislikes baseball. Susan’s Swedish/Norwegian husband, Jack, has wandering eyes, sometimes for Susan’s younger sister, Cindy. Cousin Cindy’s code name is Witch Bitch because of her spinster-like facial features and her arrogant personality, even though she is a prostitute. Cindy recently breaks up with her long-term lover, quits her manager job in a retail department store, and she is now a part-time stripper and full-time escort. Tim and Maggie Lee, the proud parents of Susan, Laurie and Cindy, are happily married, even though they live a hard life, struggling to pay their bills, as well as having bad credit problems as they strive to achieve celebrity status, or, at least, attempt to resemble a celebrity. Tim’s code name is The Porky Ham because of his obsession with performing, whether as a bongo drummer, porn actor, street comedian, cross-dresser, or making appearances on reality shows and reality talk shows. Laurie, the recovering anorexic, and one of the Lelou Belle Trio, regularly consults her psychic for guidance, claiming that her psychic is her god. She is the middle daughter of Tim and Maggie, and the only one of their three mentally ill daughters who passionately continues to pursue her mother’s dream of being a supermodel. Even though she job-hops, she is currently a Delivery Driver and a part-time Call Girl, as she is still waiting to be discovered. Laurie has been performing in pageants since she was three years old in the hopes of being discovered by a model agent. She recently has stopped performing in pageants but, instead, she has started auditioning for reality shows.
Cousin Shawn Lee’s code name is The Preacher because he has become overly religious, claiming that everyone is going to Hell except for him and his family. He is the older brother of Rodney Lee and just as pathetic. He inherited his demented views from his father, but he is carrying it too far. His wife, Barbara, and their kids, Joey and Mary Sue, look like they came from Amish country, covering themselves, from head to toe, in plain-looking and loose clothing, in order to clean and purify themselves from evil, in which Shawn and Barbara claim that this evil comes from that damned Fiona. Furthermore, Barbara’s code name is The American Gothic Wife, and their kids’ code name is The Prisoners of War. These lowlife relatives sure have their issues! Maloney, Pharris and I joke about them burning a cross in Tina’s driveway in order to harass you and drive you crazy.
Cousin Brian Johnson’s code name is The White Boy because of his obsession with the white race, his strong affiliation with the KKK, and his love for himself. Rumors are going around that he is mentally ill because he was rejected from modeling agencies after wasting $3000 of his money on his modeling portfolio. Brian claims that his rejection from modeling agencies is due to his short stature, but we know otherwise. His older brother, Steve “Daddy-O” Johnson, has issues about putting his life on hold and dropping out of high school in order to support the family with two or three jobs because their womanizing father left the family for a bleached-blonde bimbo. Such parental abandonment may have caused the three siblings’ homosexual tendencies. Steve now has his own business, and he continues to support his neurotic mother, Anne Johnson, as well as his psychotic twin brother and sister, Brian and Betty. Steve’s wife, Debby, a German Jew, works with him as his business partner. They have two sons, Jeremiah and Ezra, who plan to work in the family business. All three of the Johnson siblings claim to be bisexual, even though they chose to marry the opposite sex in order to conform to society’s norms.
I hope that you enjoyed my newsletter of the latest family reunion news. We missed you at the dinner and the craziness afterwards. Keep in touch! Love you, always!

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February 19, 2007, Monday, 4:23pm
Tuesday 20 of February, 2007
Here is a sneak preview to my 2nd project, a graphic novel, which is a prequel to The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh

Frenzy Surrounds Fiona Leigh For Alleged Mob Association

Beach City, CA--A private investigator called Thursday to explain the reason for Fiona Leigh's disappearance in the wake of her college graduation because of photos showing Fiona in a cozy pose with various mob associates. Neil Rooney, former Beach City cop and Beach City resident, was hired by the government to spy on the Lee crime family. Rooney said that an article in the Beach City Weekly and accompanying photos show Fiona smiling while the arms of different men--Mike, Tim, Rodney and Shawn--are draped over her shoulder in these photos. Fiona is wearing her black cap and gown as well as black pumps in these pictures. The article also contains photos of Fiona posing with Malcolm and his wife as well as corrupt mob attorney Steve Johnson, his wife Debby and his mother Anne. Both Steve Johnson and Malcolm Lee, according to Beach City Weekly, are Fiona's relatives and part of the Lee crime family. Also, at the graduation party was Tina Louise McMurphy. Tina, a Supermodel and Fiona's best friend, could not be reached for immediate comment. Rooney said that he saw these pictures Wednesday for the first time, after actually taking these snapshots himself with his minicamera while spying the pool party at the park, filled with kids, adjacent to the pool. "Steve Johnson is a known mafia associate," Rooney said. "He owns a LA law firm and he has a criminal background." These snapshots were taken at the Beachfront Condominium swimming pool association during the party. The pool area was filled with blue and yellow balloons, presents and a cake. "It was obviously a social gathering and they looked to be pretty close here," says Rooney. As he points to another photo, Rooney said that Fiona is, "in the middle of the group, receiving gifts from the Lee and Johnson family members.
Malcolm and Mike Lee like to host a clientele that is known to gamblers and loan sharks. "These places are hangouts for known mobsters," Rooney said. Rooney said that he does not know of any criminal background for Fiona Leigh. "I know she does not have one," Rooney reiterates. "What I saw today was just a party and Fiona was hanging out with relatives and celebrating her college graduation," Rooney said of his snapshots. Organized crime agents, according to the Beach City Weekly, say that the Lee and Johnson families posed with Fiona for snapshots that Fiona's brother, Pharris, was taking at the pool party sometime in the middle of June.
Fiona, according to the investigation, is related to the Lee crime family because her father, Angus Leigh, is the brother of Malcolm, Tim and Mike Lee. When Angus emigrated to America from Scotland, he refused to change the spelling of his last name because he didn't want to join his brothers' shady business ventures. Angus had his own dreams and career, and he preferred to go on his own.
Since the day Fiona took home the wrong present that was intended for a client, the Lee family have been after her, searching for her whereabouts. She has been the target for ongoing harrassment from the Lees because they are afraid she knows too much. A local newspaper reported this November that Fiona accepted a graduation gift at the pool, not knowing that it was filled with drugs and a note. This gift was from Mike and his wife Jan, but Jan had accidentally given Fiona the wrong package. The package was wrapped with the same graduation paper to disguise it. Jan had grabbed the wrong present in a hurry. A week later, the client had called Mike, arguing about the makeup case, filled with makeup, and a little teddy bear, that was sent to him. This client was very pissed about this unexpected gift because he was looking forward to the drugs that he had asked for. This further enraged Mike, and he went on a mission, along with his nephew Rod, to search for Fiona.
Rooney acknowledges that Fiona met with him, 2 or 3 times, to fix the package with a bug before returning it to Mike Lee. But, 2 weeks ago, according to the Beach City Weekly, Fiona's friend said that Fiona was "clueless" about Mike's occupation and mob ties. Rooney, according to the Beach City Weekly, flashed his police badge during the first meeting with Fiona to persuade her to help him capture Mike Lee and his mob associates. She was reluctant and scared, and she didn't want to be part of it. She kept repeating, "Why is this happening to me?" She eventually decided to cooperate and become a government spy, assisting a private investigator with his mission.
Fiona resigned from the mission, after seeing the first building blow up, and she hides out, during the next 6 months, with instructions from Rooney about where to go next and to keep moving. But, nevertheless, she agreed to wear a bug at her parents' New Year's Eve Party, where all of the relatives will be there, and helping Rooney capture the Lee crime family. Rooney drew criticism for appointing Fiona as a government spy, during that summer, over the objections of the federal government. According to reports, Rooney appointed Fiona, her best friend, and some of his friends and relatives to help him with his mission. Rooney had given Fiona a large envelope, filled with bus, ship, train, and airplane tickets, maps, a large amount of cash, instructions, and names of people to contact when she arrives at her destinations. She carries her laptop and cell phone with her, at all times, to communicate with Rooney by emails and cell phone.
Earlier this week, a newspaper reported that a handgun had turned up at a mansion in Beach City, at a former movie production executive's home. The man with the handgun had crashed his sports car into a Bel-Air home, during an August wedding ceremony for Betty Johnson, Steve's sister. Four months later, the Platinum County Police Department confiscated that same gun during a raid at the Cecil Beach home of Fiona's parents, at their annual New Year's Eve Party. Rodney Lee is facing grand theft, embezzlement, and driving under the influence charges related to the accident. Rooney is currently trying to determine how Rodney Lee knows the movie production executive. A police department spokesman told the Olde Anglo Times that the gun is registered to Tom Harkin, a Beach City businessman and a former Las Vegas cop. Tom Harkin was issued a permit to carry a concealed weapon by the Platinum County Police Department in August for protection. Rooney is still trying to sort out Tom Harkin's connection with Rodney Lee.
Debby Johnson, Steve Johnson's wife and his law firm partner, said the gun was a key piece of evidence. Prosecutors have charged Tom Harkin with a weapons violation because, as a convicted felon, he is not allowed to possess a firearm. Rooney said that the article and photos are "really more a reflection of the corrupt government program" that he is working with, and Fiona Leigh had helped make it clear for him.
The Lee crime family and their mob associates have been around, but Rooney and government officials have never realized the extent to their deeply infiltrated shady activities in the Platinum County area. Fiona Leigh, within the last 6 months, returned to Beach City and continues to live with her best friend Tina. She is now ready to start her job search for an Art Director position.
"If any of the Leigh family members are found to be associated with any criminals of the Lee crime family, internal affairs investigation would be launched and the guilty people will be disciplined and convicted,"Rooney said.

Buy a copy of The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh before the graphic novel will be published.

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November 18, 2006, Saturday, 7:40 pm PCT
Sunday 19 of November, 2006
Check out the preview of my novel under

4-page excerpt taken from the last chapter of the novel that summarizes her stressful and tiring journey that she takes throug

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November 13, 2006, Monday
Monday 13 of November, 2006

"I am handed a pewter basket, filled with two strawberries, a cluster of purple grapes, bran muffin, a cookie and a croissant, as well as a bottle of orange juice and a cup of raspberry-flavored herbal tea with honey, lemon wedge and a cinnamon stick. After I sign-in at the front desk, I sit with the other models in the waiting room, eating my catered continental breakfast and chatting. The black model, sitting next to me, asks me if I want her strawberry. She looks familiar and we start to chat together about her boyfriend's hard times."

(this is an excerpt from my novel that I just published--The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh; get your copy today and join her adventures!

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November 2, 2006, Thursday, 2:15 a.m.
Thursday 02 of November, 2006

I am relaxing to my hot cup of coffee at Myspace Cafe while doing a crossword puzzle and waiting for my profile interview in order to promote my book. A female reporter, wearing a business suit and a fedora hat, walks towards me and introduces herself to me. We shake hands and she sits in front of me before she starts the interview process as she pulls out a yellow pad of paper and a pen from her briefcase.

Reporter: I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview with me for my magazine. It is great to meet you here, at the Myspace Cafe.

Fifi Leigh: (I feel nervous and I start to sweat, wanting to leave, but I keep repeating to myself that I am hear to promote my book The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh)

Reporter: According to your bio, you have done a quite of work prior to this book. Have you done anything that you are proud of?

Fifi Leigh: I have a BA, MBA, and various volunteer work and charity work--so many that is it hard to pick which one I am most proud of.

Reporter: What do you do in your spare time? When you are not working?

Fifi Leigh: Animal caretaker, as well as working out in the gym and sleeping all day. Sleep... that is something I lack when I am working.

Reporter: How do you stay in great shape? Any specific diet?

Fifi Leigh: I work out in the gym, at least 3 times a week, doing yoga, pilates, treadmill walking and some cycling. I am also a vegetarian. Plus, my work stresses me out and keeps me moving around, twisting my body in every shape and tiring me out. So, I would have to say that my work is my real diet. It keeps me busy.

Reporter: What is your next project?

Fifi Leigh: A graphic novel, a prequel to The Sand Dollar.

Reporter: What would your friends say about you that your readers would want to know about you?

Fifi Leigh: Well, I wrote everything about myself in my autobiography because so many fans wanted to know so much about me. I would have to say that they should buy my book and get the full scoop themselves on my life, and what it is really like to be Fifi Leigh.

Reporter: From your four close friends that you write about, who is your best friend?

Fifi Leigh: I don't know. I am very close to all of them. They came into my life for a certain reason and at a certain time in my life, and we bonded into an eternal friendship that lasts forever, almost like my relationship with my sister, who is like my twin sister--we are only one year apart and we act like twins. I guess I am blessed to have such wonderful bonds with these 5 people.

Reporter: How does it feel to have such a huge fan club?

Fifi Leigh: I am shocked and surprised, but flattered that so many people are so interested in me. It is cool but scary that so many strangers really care about someone that they dont know. But I feel happy and blessed.

Reporter: How is your romantic life? Let's talk about your men.

Fifi Leigh: Well, if you had bought and read my book, you would already know. So, I am assuming that you haven't at this moment. I write all about my relationships and my men in my book. Just buy my book and you will get the full scoop.

Reporter: I guess that is all i need right now. I think that my magazine will be running this profile about you in next month's issue. Oh, and what is you favorite book?

Fifi Leigh: Well, I have always loved reading adventures. So, reading other adventures had inspired me to write my adventures of my life, career, and the crazy things that have happened to me. I hope everyone enjoys reading my adventures as much as I did living them.

Reporter: Thank you again, Fifi Leigh, for doing this interview for my magazine. You seem like a very sweet and beautiful woman. Good Luck on your book promotion tour.

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October 23, 2006, Monday, 1:32 AM
Monday 23 of October, 2006
Interview with the author of the The Sand Dollar by media

Press: Hi, I would like to welcome Fifi Leigh, the author of the book, The Sand Dollar.

Press: What is your story about?

Fifi Leigh: Well, my story is about me and my adventures.

Press: What makes your adventures special?

Fifi Leigh: It is a spiritual story about struggling, overcoming your obstacles and making your dreams come true. I have special help from a ghost, Spiritual guidance, 3 friends and surrealistic dreams. There are also weird psychics and crazy psychos in the novel that make my journey miserable.

Press: Why did you write this book?

Fifi Leigh: To help people to find a productive way to achieve their goals and dreams, and move towards their destination.

Press: What did you hope to accomplish?

Fifi Leigh: Uncovering psychological and sociological issues in current American society, and the need to get a reality check and solve these problems.

Press: Who inspired you?

Fifi Leigh: The Holy Spirit

Press: What do you think readers will gain from this book?

Fifi Leigh: Entertainment of my life, my journal, my exciting modeling career, and the crazy people that I encountered.

Press: What is your personal background?

Fifi Leigh: BA, MBA, living everyday in society, and being open to interact with different people and in different places.

Press: How does this book fit into the nest of your life?

Fifi Leigh: My goal as a writer is to educate and entertain others of current societal and psychological issues.

Press: Thank You Fifi Leigh for taking the time to interview with the Press. Good Luck on your internet book promotion tour.

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October 8. 2006, Sunday
Monday 09 of October, 2006
Promotional Marketing postcard designed on Adobe Illustrator.

Check it out and buy a copy of the novel,
The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh

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September 27, 2006, Wednesday

Friday 29 of September, 2006

I finally published my novel on lulu after proofing it for six times. It is time to make the big plunge into publishing and marketing. So, buy my novel and enjoy the journey!
=== It is filled with adventure and intrique:===
arrowsurrealistic dreams filled with darkness and confusion
arrowweirdo psychics
arrowa ghost that keeps popping in and out of her life
arrowfashion modeling adventures
arrowsociological and psychological issues in current society
arrowreality check
arrowSpiritual inspiration
arrowstruggle to overcome obstacles
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3/07 to 10/07

Friday 05 of October, 2007

Back in IMVU City, where I now have a company lobby, I occasionally promote my novel in this lobby, chatting with clients about my novel and future ventures. I don't have a back office yet because I am busy working on my graphic novel at my home art desk. Although it says modeling agency on the company wall, it is more of a high-rise ad agency, and I am the Principal Creative Director, freelancing, in charge of Photography, Graphics, Writing, Editing, Designing and Publishing. I occasionally do the marketing as well.
A block away is my IMVU loft, where I drop by to check on things before we hop to a more relaxing locale, away from the city and work. We go relax at my beach house, usually with my pets, at IMVU Beachtown. It is peaceful as we play our music, get to know each other, and just hang out poolside, in the jacuzzi, in the sauna, on the wicker daybed, watching a plasma tv, or on the rooftop bed, under the bed covers, chatting away. I am still remodeling my beach house, saving for other merchandise to make it homey and comfortable.
As we get tired, we pop out of our virtual world, and I am back in Southern California, living my own reality, the headaches of drawing a graphic novel. I turn off my computer, watch some TV on my plasma while sitting on my wicker couch. I finally decide to retire to my bed that I have had since I was 7, flip through fashion magazines for creative inspiration and ideas, as well as read a little bit from the current novel i am reading, The Bell Jar, until I fall asleep.

Posted on Friday 05 of October, 2007, 02:51:38

Can you handle the truth?
Friday 24 of August, 2007
...or do you prefer to live in your fantasy world and continue to be in denial of reality? Wake up and get a reality check! Learn to accept yourself and others as what you and they really are so that you can get out of that dark, lonely pathetic hole that you have crawled inside of. And experience life and happiness based on honesty and being true to yourself. Dare to be YOU and not anyone else, and be a happier you.
The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh is an in-your-face honest fictional novel describing real people and real life experiences, and the choices they make that can break or make them. Some are pathetic losers who do stupid things and some are decent people who are wise in their choices. Compare how each chooses to deal with their situations as they move on in their lives. Some are put in similar situations but experience different outcomes in their life due to their choices that they make. Who would you rather be?
Enter the Reality Zone. A fictional novel about reality and getting a reality check. Dare to read 100% honesty and NO B.S. If you relate with any of the morons in the novel, don't be embarrassed. Just realize it and move on to a better future as a better person.
And remember, this novel is a light and entertaining novel with an easy to read style and flow that make it fun reading as you read the main characters adventure through the unknown to see where it will lead her and what she will do next. Will she accomplish her goals and reach her desired destination? Will she change goals or choose a different pathway? Will she give up on life and go downhill, suffering problems? What will actually happen? Buy a copy and find out.

Posted on Friday 24 of August, 2007, 05:22:26

My International Book Promo Tour...
Sunday 15 of July, 2007
On Thursday, July 12th, I continue my book promotion tour via the internet as I hang out at the Buckstars Coffee Shop as well as my IMVU loft, relaxing and meeting different people when I am not working on my 2nd novel. I am also working on future book projects with other people as a ghostwriter or editor.
Things are going pretty well for me in Southern California as my IMVU 3D world has grown even bigger. A client has given me a beach house as a gift and I slowly decorate it as I gain credits. So far, it is empty except for a kitchen, pool and jacuzzi. I take my visitors or business clients to my IMVU loft, where it is comfortably furnished. We relax, chat and listen to music. Then, for a change of scenery, we will pop to the beach house to relax in the virtual jacuzzi or poolside, and continue to chat away about business or pleasure. I sometimes take along my virtual pets along, a huge dalmation named Dino because of his huge size, as well as gray cat named Astro. There is also a pink dragon pet. The 2 red parrots remain in my loft.
It is 10pm in California time, and I decide to change my clothes into gym clothes to take a break at my local gym. I return at 2am, all drenched in sweat, feeling sticky and wet. I take my shower, fix myself a cup of pomegranate herb tea, and I relax in front of the computer, slowly sipping my herb tea as I continue my book promotion tour. After I finish off my herb tea cup, I start to feel drowsy and I decide to turn off my computer. I go to my bedroom and fall asleep in my comfortable bed, dreaming of my future, where all my hopes and wishes are coming true.

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June 22, 2007, Friday, early morning
Friday 22 of June, 2007
  • Release Source: Fifi Leigh


Fifi Leigh Aims to Satisfy Independent Publishing Publicity Craving with Print-on-Demand Availability of The Sand Dollar at

IRVINE, CA—SEPTEMBER 27, 2006— Fifi Leigh entertains readers by narrating her nine-year adventures with the publication of The Sand Dollar in conjunction with Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

The Sand Dollar, about the autobiography of a fashion model, is written in journal format. As Fifi Leigh narrates her adventures, her struggles to overcome her obstacles and attain her goals as well as try to understand her surrealistic dreams, she encounters a ghost, weird psychics and crazy psychos, enabling her to uncover psychological and sociological issues in current society that are disturbing.

Fifi Leigh wrote The Sand Dollar to inspire others to go for their dreams and succeed. She emphasizes that fate, faith, and hope have helped her achieve her goals and dreams.

“It is up to you to make you dreams come true, but you have to make the initial step,” said Fifi Leigh. “You have to set attainable goals as well as make daily and active efforts toward achieving these goals. My novel shows how I made my dreams come true, despite my obstacles, and put the control of my destiny in my own hands.”

Link to Publication*: and


She has over 10 years of Visual Communications experience, including photography and digital arts, where her specialty is surrealistic mannequin photography. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a BA in Social Science, and has an MBA from Webster University. This is her first novel. She plans to do a graphic novel next, which will also be published on Lulu.


Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world’s fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. Please see for more information.


Posted on Friday 22 of June, 2007, 11:23:25

May 13, 2007, Sunday, Mother's Day, 2:30 am
Sunday 13 of May, 2007
I continue my Book Promotion tour, internationally via the world wide web. I am at IMVU City, and recently had gotten myself a loft up there with my dalmation, gray cat, 2 red parrots, and baby dragon. I hang out there for meditation, inspiration, and meeting other people. When I can't sleep, I go to their coffee shop, Buckstars Coffee, where I meet people and use my sales pitch. If we click, I take them to my loft, where we relax on my bed and watch my plasma tv, or maybe play a couple of games on my pool table. But on sunny days, we take rides on the ferris wheel. At night, if it isn't too cold, we hang out on the rooftop of the apartment building, enjoying the starlight and moonlight.
Then we say good night and I go to sleep in my own bed, in california. I wake up to my novel, working on my 2nd one, wondering if it is good enough.

Posted on Sunday 13 of May, 2007, 10:39:47

May 12, 2007, Book Promotion Tour continues.
Saturday 12 of May, 2007
The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh is based on and inspired by real life and real people in current american society. I just changed names to fictionalize the characters for my fictional story. This is called Reality Writing, where I attempt to interpret what I have actually seen in society into a fictional story. As a Social Scientist, where I spend most of my time in college analyzing people based on what and why they do things in society, I wrote this novel to describe current sociological issues. Whatever I write about, actually happened in society, whether it happened to me or I have seen it happen to others.

Posted on Saturday 12 of May, 2007, 10:04:13

Monday 02 of April, 2007
The author explores the mysterious "spiritualism" of the other side.

The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh

The author, a Social Scientist who writes about sociology and psychology, turns her narrative powers on human behavior. Psychologists and Psychiatrists will have a field day decoding the strange surrealistic dreams that the main character has, but as a memoir, The Sand Dollar succeeds in narrating her spiritual autobiography. The author creates a spiritual story that inspires others to go for their dreams and persevere until their goals are achieved. The mosaic plot of The Sand Dollar includes a cast of thousands, and a multitude of crazy psychos and mentally ill people that try to thwart the main character from achieving her goals and reaching her destination. Under the author's imaginative scrutiny, weird psychics, crazy psychos, the business industry, a ghost, The Holy Spirit and her best friends all help her reach her destination through a wild, exhausting and obscure maze. In the process, she uncovers sociological and psychological issues in current American society that are disturbing. There is plenty of craziness in here for book clubs, psychologists and psychiatrists to discuss. The author reiterates that everything happens for a reason, based on a plan and path which is controlled by cosmic forces and a Higher Force that are beyond anyone's control, which has a solid ring of truth.

Posted on Monday 02 of April, 2007, 06:56:30

March 20, 2007, Tuesday, (excerpt from The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh, from one of the surrealistic dream scenes).
Tuesday 20 of March, 2007
...Suddenly, I find myself, outside of this mini mall, casually walking towards an apartment building complex. These apartments look small, simple and very square-shaped. I decide to take a shortcut through someone’s apartment. As I open an unlocked door and step inside a dark room that looks fairly empty, bunch of dark-haired people and a miniature collie turn their heads toward my direction in shock and fear. All of them look at me in astonishment. I am very calm and relaxed, smiling at them and waving at their cute dog, and they just think that I am crazy. I continue to walk by, entering another dark room at the back of the apartment, where bunch of dark-haired children are giggling and playing with a miniature collie puppy. I pet the second collie and chat with a little girl. This sweet and shy girl, with dark hair and medium complexion, coyly smiles at me, acting very friendly.
Although this family doesn’t look wealthy, they seem simple, neat, clean, and content with their life. I notice a bright and red light of an exit sign in the children’s room, placed above a door, and it seems to glow a bright red color inside this very dark apartment. I am eager to get out from this darkness. As I open the door, I see a glowing and bright white sky in front of me, inviting me to move forward towards the peace and happiness ahead. I walk out, through the door, towards this bright light, in my usual nonchalant way, and I disappear into this white light.

I wake up at 10:00 a.m. to a smoldering ninety degrees heat, trying to understand this journey that I took in this dream and wondering what it means. I get up slowly from my bed, wear my light robe, and decide to eat my breakfast in the dining area that is facing the beach while I perform my meditation ritual.

Posted on Tuesday 20 of March, 2007, 09:19:14

March 20, 2007, Tuesday, (excerpt from The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh, from one of the photo shoot scenes).
Tuesday 20 of March, 2007
...I watch the hustle and bustle of the crowded studio. The studio is filled with people running around simultaneously in different directions, trying to get their work done without trampling on each other.
Meanwhile, I am getting anxious and bored as I wait for my makeup artist and hairdresser to arrive at this location. This modeling thing is so tedious! Finally, Nicola, the makeup artist, comes to do my face. Then, a wild, funky-looking and bad ass Caucasian young man comes and does my hair. He puts a lame barrette in my hair and sleeks my hair back with gel. I feel so stupid in that look that I keep complaining to him that I need more body to cover the rash on my face. He gets pissed off that I didn’t like the look that he gave me and changes my hair to a fuller style by rubbing gel in his palms, and scrunching and messing up my hair. Another stylist comes to paint my nails in a wild color, as well as drawing some fake tattoos on my arms and legs. Many people, who walk by me, tell me that they love my makeup, the dark red lipstick and the smoky, grayish-brown eye shadow, and they ask me for the name of my makeup artist. I have been sitting in the same chair for so long, with so many people around me, that I forgot most of the people’s names that worked on my look. So, I tell them that I forgot. After taking many pictures in different angles and poses while wearing various interesting outfits, I finally finish the photo shoot at three o’clock. Before I leave, the Art Director tells me that they like my work and want to use one of my pictures for the cover of the magazine. I feel excited but shocked of this news.

Posted on Tuesday 20 of March, 2007, 09:10:42

March 2, 2007, The Tour Continues....

Saturday 03 of March, 2007

The basic premise of The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh is that everything in life happens for a purpose, even though many shit happens to her, leading her to her ultimate destination in a very crazy path that is more of a roller coaster ride. And at the end, she feels a certain fulfillment and accomplishment that she has achieved her goal, although a little tired and stressed in the process.

Check out my book fan club on geocities and follow her career:
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02/15/2009 16:23

11/07 to 2/08

Tuesday 19 of February, 2008

As I continue my Int'l book promotion tour via the internet, I also continue my IMVU Street Team promotions. I have added modern white chairs and circular contemporary glass tables for the waiting area in my business office, as well as some file cabinets and a coffee machine with its table for my office. I also added these new products in my city loft as well as for my beach house and basement.
My internet fan club increases and it takes me all day to answer my internet fan mail that i don't have time to work on my graphic novel. I finally finish, and I decide to take a shower and do some laundry.
My Virtual Life is as busy as my Real Life for I feel that they are both starting to come together into one. As I sit on my art desk, in my IMVU City Life, and draw my graphic novel while watching my plasma tv, I look away from my computer screen in Real Life as I type this and watch my own flat HDTV. I am promoting my novel, in Virtual Reality CyberWorld and in California, and I am working on my graphic novel in both worlds as well.

Posted on Tuesday 19 of February, 2008, 11:49:18

February 7th, 2008, Thursday, 5:36pm
Friday 08 of February, 2008
I wake up, eat brunch, and check my email, which takes me forever to do. I then check out my IMVU World, my office and homes there. I finally added an art desk, water cooler and conference table in my office, which i occasionally use these products at my city loft and beach house. My business office is starting to take shape now, except for few more basic necessities. My City Loft is full now and my avatar is enjoying its comfort that it brings to her as she stresses out in her CyberWorld. My beach house has most of my avatar's needs, except for few minor necessities, but nevertheless, she is enjoying its solitary comfort, in front of an ocean, surrounded by a yellow sandy beach, palm trees, her private pool as well as an indoor jacuzzi and sauna, rooftop partying with other avatars, listening to music, and sleeping in her basement bedroom or playing in her basement game room. Life is bliss for my avatar.
Another day goes by fast. I need to wake up from my avatar fantasy world, and continue drawing my graphic novel. that one of the 7 deadly sins...which can be translated as sloth?

Posted on Friday 08 of February, 2008, 01:53:01

What is this?! The PHANTOM internet tabloid strikes again!
Thursday 07 of February, 2008
As I check my emails, I receive a message from someone on the internet who had interviewed me some time ago and quoted me out of context.

ROM: goldencoins
DATE: 02/04/2008 11:43:50
SUBJECTS: Forgot --Re: i use a similar audible in messenger program...
... annoy the people i am chatting with, with it. those audible in the messenger programs are funny, but a little obnoxious that they tend to annoy some people on the internet. so, being bored on the internet, i use it to my advantage and entertain myself trying to annoy internet people, mostly men.

another quote of yours
i have been to rio in august 1985. i had fun. nice area. cool people. how is life there now?

I forgot to quote these 2 above on the emails I just sent you! So you can have an idea to what I´ve replied to after 2 months!

Are you a member of Facebook?

see you around!

Posted on Thursday 07 of February, 2008, 23:56:27

February 1st, 2008, Friday, late night
Sunday 03 of February, 2008
I go into my IMVU World and check on my rooms, my beach house, basement, business office, and company lobby, occasionally chatting with some avatars in each of these rooms, feeling quite restless. I go on my IMVU profile page to check on my writing groups and clubs, and play writing games and blog. as i do some organizing, i notice that i have acquired a beagle watch dog screen cleaner. i do some cleaning on my page, organizing my messages as i read them and check on things on the site. from my messages, i realize that writing is my calling, and i should continue on, pursuing it to the end. all of the sudden, Gumby jumps by me, on a waste basket, and up onto my lap. meow. he sits on the waste basket again, watching me intently, wanting something but i am not sure what it is. i go pour him some holistic dry food and clean his litter box before i return to my computer. all of the sudden, i notice the time on my computer clock and decide to go to sleep.

Posted on Sunday 03 of February, 2008, 08:38:23

Review by a fan...
Tuesday 22 of January, 2008
Dileep Nair, fan from India, writes:
"Fifi leigh unlocks the designer chest of the human mind with her magic key and reveals that the emotions like anger, greed, love and lust has no race or gender.
It takes you to an unexplored world but the characters are known to you in different settings and background."

Review for The Sand Dollar, a fan continues,
"Fifi leigh proves that the human mind has no race cast or creed. She reveals the inner depths of the human feelings and emotions by unlocking the minds casket with her golden key.
A book which reflects our feelings and emotions...
by Dileep Nair, reviewed 6 weeks ago

Posted on Tuesday 22 of January, 2008, 06:13:17

Update on my Cyberworld Imvu Life...
Friday 18 of January, 2008
As I return from the gym after a good workout at 1:30am, I take my shower and relax in front of the computer while sipping herb tea.
I log on Imvu and check on my beach house, which I continue to remodel. My Imvu world has grown immensely for I now have acquired 2 rooms. I recently added a basement with 2 rooms for my beach house. One room is a bedroom, and the other room is a photo studio/game room, where I have a pool table and an antique rug. I also now have a corporate office on Imvu, which only has an antique rug, bookcases with books and a desk with computer, for now. I added that desk into my beach house and loft so I can work on my novels when i am in my Cyberworld. I put photo studio equipment in this business office as well. I am still saving up for business furniture so that I can discuss business interactions and relations on the net, mostly about writing, graphic design and photography, with avatars in similar fields.
I also created a Writing Club on Imvu, where avatars all over the world can meet and discuss their writing and creative concerns. And, on my spare time, my avatar travels to Chinatown through Imvu. I am also with the Imvu Street Team for promotions and marketing.

Posted on Friday 18 of January, 2008, 10:52:05

It is 2008!
Thursday 03 of January, 2008
My new year starts with organizing my life in order to continue drawing my graphic novel.
-i bought a Braun coffee machine but realized i can't figure out how to work it. so, i am going to return it and seek a simpler one.
-i bought a yoga dvd to go with my pilates dvd that i already have for relaxation and rejuvenation.
-on sunday, Gumby turns 8.
-i feel 2008 already started with a fresh and new start, but a little slow. i need to accelerate it, and keep it moving forward and ahead, toward my final destination.
-i put together a daily schedule of drawing my graphic novel, working out in the gym, doing yoga/pilates, drinking a lot of coffee, book promotion tour for first novel, and once a week excursion out of my townhouse to breathe fresh air.

Posted on Thursday 03 of January, 2008, 10:33:37

Another Year almost over...
Friday 28 of December, 2007
My Christmas was relaxing as I took a walk to the local indie movie theater across the street and watched 2 indie films, Juno, and Margot at the Wedding. I had a relaxing and peaceful day, almost meditative as I look ahead toward my future and what is in store for me in the new year--2008.
I also adopted a cat, a week before Christmas. He is an orange and white neutered male Domestic Long Hair named Gumby. He was originally adopted from the animal shelter at age 5, and his previous owner had him for 2 years until he died of lung cancer at 50. Now 7, Gumby lives with me and has moved on into his new home. Since he doesn't answer to his name, I decided to add a middle name that suits him more--D'Arcy, but still keep his original name because it is still a part of him. An orphaned and homeless cat got a home for Christmas.
Meanwhile, my IMVU beach house is taking shape as I finish my interior decoration. The family room looks small but cozy, almost like an all window cottage, with a plasma tv, 2 wicker couches, antique-looking rug, bookshelf, furnace, glass coffee table, brick walls in the interior to separate 3 rooms in the loft-like first floor of the beach house. I occasionally go there when I am bored or stressed out from working on my 2nd novel, and I meditate on the 2 songs that I have on there, Immortal by Evanescence and Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. I occasionally chat with some avatars on my list in my IMVU loft and beach house, as well as meeting new avatars in the Buckstars Coffee Shop, and getting to know each other better in Ferris Wheel ride and nighttime rooftop 3D settings.
As I check my email, I realize that my horoscope has some truth to it, even though I never believed in that stuff. "You're going to have to deal with the aftermath of success — but it can wait another day, while you reap the many rewards! Today feels great and there's no reason for you to feel anything but warmth." That sums up the end of my 2007. I leave 2007 with a good feeling about my future and what is ahead of me as I look forward toward my future, for a better 2008.
Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year!

Posted on Friday 28 of December, 2007, 23:23:03

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous....
Monday 24 of December, 2007
A Conversation With...Fifi F. Leigh

Make no doubt about it, she's one of the best...

Although you might run into Fifi F. Leigh, Art Director, at Beach City, Tartan, Metroburg, Olde Anglo, or at one of her many profile pages on the internet, her presence is always felt here at LULU.COM. Perhaps most renowned for her modeling career and her bestseller books about her life, Fifi is an Art Director in the motion picture industry, and her passion, expertise, education and visionary approach are helping her solidify her position and title as the most entertaining Art Director/Novelist on the World Wide Web.

Q: What are you most excited about these days?
Fifi Leigh: Lulu has helped me publish my first novel all on my own, and I enjoyed the freedom of doing everything my way, including designing my own covers, writing the novel, editing the novel, and designing my own marketing material to promote it worldwide via the internet. Such accomplishment has encouraged me to start a new project, drawing a graphic novel. My education, skills, and internships have also given me the expertise to do everything on my own with confidence. I am very excited about my future as a Novelist/Art Director, and how I will help shape the future in creative writing and social sciences.

Q: When did you decide to devote your life to writing novels?
Fifi Leigh: Growing up in Vienna, VA, I liked to draw as well as do arts and crafts. My love for the arts led me toward visual communications, but during my first year at my university, I met a friend who was studying social sciences. I went with her to some of the social science forums and events, and i was hooked. Teachers have always encouraged me to read more because I used to write in slang terms. So I got into classic novels and these novelists inspired me to write my own novel. Soon I was volunteering my time to serve my community at the Artist Village, College Publication, World Trade Center, Community Theater, Condominium Association, Chambers of Commerce, and Performing Arts Center. Then, I moved in with my best friend into her beachfront condominium. Friends and colleagues continually encouraged me to write my novel that I keep putting off, until one day I just decided to go for it and do it. And I haven't regret it since. This step has moved me forward in my career to better things to come. I was meant to be a professional novelist/creative writer.

Q: What's the most challenging part about being a Graphic Novelist?
Fifi Leigh:Probably trying to coordinate the writing of the plot, scriptwriting, drawing the panels on each page into a fluid and coherent manner as well as with artistic and appealing visual effects that flows into a dramatic and action-oriented storyline. This tends to spell S-T-R-E-S-S, but that is why I go to the gym late at night to de-stress and relax.

Q: What's your advice for young people who want to be Graphic Novelists and Novelists?
Fifi Leigh:Visit as many libraries and bookstores as you can, and read as many books as you can. Study the arts, and see if there's an opportunity for behind-the-scenes tours or other events that allow you to view more of the artworld, art collections, art fields, and art and publishing industries. And never stop learning and growing, whether by working, reading, observing, studying, or all of the above.

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Fifi Leigh:My first novel, The Sand Dollar. It will go down as the most entertaining novel on the internet, and doing the whole novel on my own has changed my life. Overall, it was a phenomenal project that lasted three years, a project that gave me total control and freedom to do everything my own way and persevere until completion. Today, it's probably the self-discovery that I can accomplish anything on my own as long as the Holy Spirit is there to guide me all the way to the end and help me make my dreams come true. All the work on this novel has given me confidence, strength and pride. I think of it often. Such an incredible feeling...publishing your own novel, doing it your way, and feeling satisfaction and pride when looking at the end result.

Q: Your 2nd project, the graphic novel, is currently experiencing a "writer's block in drawing it," and you seem to be slowing down. When will the graphic novel be finished?
Fifi Leigh:In the next 2 or 3 years, I'll be drawing about 160 pages. I hope people will find my 2D artwork fascinating, particularly the computer work on Photoshop that will finalize the graphic novel after 200 pages have been drawn in pencil and ink. I'm confident that people from all over the world, or the world wide web, will come visit my lulu order site and buy a copy.

Q: What's your favorite novel?
Fifi Leigh:Probably classic novels, like Mayor of Casterbridge, Lord of the Flies, Lord of the Rings, Sun Also Rises, Great Expectations, novels with adventure. The more I read, the more my writing has improved, and I am shocked and completely amazed at the positive feedback that I have been getting from many people all over the world who enjoy my writing style and my entertaining stories. My artwork and my creative writing--although there are bigger and better writers and novels out there, but nothing is like reading an original fictional novel, something different, and inspired by classic novels that I enjoy reading. That massive book collection in my bedroom is my inspiration to create, and just leaves me in awe as I read each novel.

Q: What is it about reading your novel that fascinates people?
Fifi Leigh:The mystery, adventure and comedy of the novel. It is so impressive and so interesting because of the raw realism in this novel that is similar to an independent film or reality show--there's good reason many people are watching reality shows and indie films lately, and why many fact-based books and stories have been made into movies or plays. Nothing else like reading a "reality" book in your warm bed. Plus, a "reality" book is the perfect vehicle to study about writing, art, literature and social sciences, and learn about other writers, people, cultures and lifestyles because human behavior is a window to someone's soul. And understanding why people behave in certain ways and in certain situations can help cure mental illnesses in this crazy society that we live in.

Posted on Monday 24 of December, 2007, 10:55:41



Monday 12 of November, 2007

9/27/06biggrinFinally published my novel, The Sand Dollar, at North Carolina self-publishing called Lulu Press.
10/8/06ideaIrvine, CA, Digital Artist designs promotional materials, postcards and business cards, for distribution locally in person and internationally via the internet.
10/23/06smileOn Lulu Storefront News, Fifi Leigh participates in a news conference for The Sand Dollar criticism of government and media corruption content. She is credited for breaking with the publishing system and making the type of fiction novels that she wants to make in the face of the publishing industry. Lulu Press has released the novel to the public.
11/2/06surprisedAdvanced Screening Q&A session by Mannequin Magazine critic who works in publishing interviews Fifi Leigh for a magazine profile to further promote The Sand Dollar on Myspace.
2/19/07arrowIrvine, CA--Fifi Leigh promotes her novel at her colleges. She goes to 2 college events, a festival with a sporting event and a conference to officially debut The Sand Dollar on the red carpet.
2/20/07ideaInternet promotional sites are established on various profile pages throughout the world wide web, allowing Fifi Leigh to permeate her ads and marketing material internationally and nationally for mass communication.
3/07ideaFifi Leigh Fan Club has been started on Geocities to further promote The Sand Dollar for people who enjoy Fifi Leigh's entertaining and light writing style.
4/07ideaBook Review by Mannequin Magazine
5/07coolIrvine, CA Premier at WU--Fifi Leigh receives a warm welcome from her peers as she promotes The Sand Dollar on the red carpet. Her alums join her and discuss their projects. Fifi Leigh talks about the Graphics field with media and press, saying "I will one day. I have always wanted to be a Creative Director. I have done small graphics projects, but I am seeking the right project. Meanwhile, she continues her international tour via the internet as she works on her second novel.
6/07ideaPress Release by Lulu Press has been released and distributed throughout the internet on various profile pages. It is currently circulating for mass communication.
7/07arrowWriters Digest Premier on the internet, where coworker, Anne, shows up for support. They continue to promote their 1st novels on the forum as they work on their 2nd novels. Fifi Leigh helps struggling and stressed writers finish writing their novels by offering tips on writers' block, publishing, editing, and writing.
8/07 to 10/07arrowIrvine, CA--As Fifi Leigh works out in the gym at night to de-stress, she draws her graphic novel during the daytime.
11/07lolFifi Leigh finally finishes drawing 40 pages of the prologue and first chapter of the graphic novel. She prepares for the second chapter, working on layout and organization of each page for an artistic and dramatic creative effect. Her fan base increases world wide, and she gains customers in India, Malaysia, and UK as well as locally in the OC area. National fans express their interests to buy a copy.
11/10/07coolSaturday, 6:30pm, Costa Mesa, CA--Fifi Leigh meets fans in an uptown area during a private screening with powerful business professionals. She has a VIP pass and parties all night at the cocktail party, filled with gin and hors d'oeuvre. Guests include Helen, Hijran, Amar, and Kym.

Posted on Monday 12 of November, 2007, 22:39:58


02/15/2009 16:10

An Update on my book promotion tour...3/08 to 12/08

It is almost winter, and my avatar is starting to feel the chills. Even I am getting cold in Southern California. But, since my avatar lives in tropical locales, jet-setting from various islands to downtown LA humidity and NYC fashion week, as she enjoys her many pools, evening BBQs, and riding horses and cows in endless green pastures, she has stocked her wardrobe with light clothes and accessories.
Wearing her sweats to bed, she slept next to the fireplace all night, trying to warm herself as well as her small loft. Freezing to death all night, she barely slept. But she wakes up at 7:00 A.M. to eat her early breakfast of pastry and tea with her vitamin. Still wearing her sweats that she had slept in all night, she puts on her sneakers, and out the door she rushes toward the subway, with her wallet and her keys in her pocket. She takes the subway to the IMVU garment district, where she browses through millions of clothes hanging all over the place. After two hours of window shopping around, she finally chooses three clothes: low-rise skinny jeans, yellow turtleneck, and brown Down Jacket with fir-trim hoodie. She runs out of money and decides to leave with her purchases, even though she would have liked to buy those cute brown boots as well as a wool scarf and knit gloves. But maybe next month. She takes the subway back to her loft, and tries on her new clothes. Then, all of the sudden, she remembers her freelance editorial job at the fashion magazine, and runs out the door, with her keys and wallet. She remains wearing her skinny jeans, yellow turtleneck, brown Down Jacket, and black ankle boots with black socks.
Meanwhile, after eating my breakfast of pastry, vitamin and tea while still in my thick nightgown, robe, socks and slippers, I decide to turn on the heater at 75 degrees to warm up my cold townhouse. Outside my slide door, I see the sunny skies shining bright to dry up the wet ground from last night's rainstorm. The multicolored orange, red and yellow leaves on trees that line the sidewalks look like a huge floral arrangement celebrating the festive autumn season. With the sunny skies and my heater, I am finally getting warm as I continue working on my computer.

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The end of another year....

Tuesday 16 of December, 2008
I have been busy since my last blog, traveling worldwide across the internet and seeking writing jobs. I have been doing freelance ghostwriter and copywriter jobs for various websites, as well as writing on a part-time basis on, associated content, bukisa, and GO articles. Check out my how-to articles on I am fifileigh on there. And, if you have any suggestions, leave me a comment on there. I will try my best to write an article according to your request. Even my short pixie haircut has grown out since June.
As the weather in Southern California has been raining and storming all day and night, I drop by my virtual reality world at IMVU to check on my homes there. I decide to update my avatar haircut to a grown-out pixie haircut that looks similar to mine as well as buy a small jet to ride with my invited guests. I chat with an avatar guest at his homes and locales while listening to his music. As we try to start a pool game, he leaves or crashes.
I check on my email and some fan mail, responding to each. After eating dinner of Chinese noodles and Starbucks coffee, I realize I need to go to the gym tonight. I also need to drop by my other virtual city, Facebook Yoville, where I have an apartment with a hot tub that faces the ocean and the beach. Yoville is much smaller than IMVU, but the 2D avatars of Yoville are just as eclectic as the 3D avatars of IMVU. I go there on my private IMVU jet that I recently acquired through my IMVU credits.
As I park my private jet at Mozilla Foxfire International Airport, I hop on a Mozilla Foxfire taxicab with my luggage, and the driver zooms me toward Facebook. Zooming through Cyperspace, I think about all the problems that I recently have had with Explorer International Airport, and those muthafuckas called viruses, spyware and bugs that recently infected my computer for the 4th time, forcing me to start my internet life one more time by reinstalling window xp internet rebirth. Those viruses, spyware and bugs had stolen all my files and documents that I had saved on my hard drive. My semi-precious work that I worked hard to earn. And, I had forgotten to place insurance on them by backing them up into CDs and floppies. Where are the internet police, CIA and FBI when you need them?
I enter Yoville and go straight to the factory to get my paycheck. I hang out there, chatting with the 2D locals and earning some extra Yoville Income. I am only a Supervisor at the Factory, and I seem to live a humble life there. But at IMVU, I enjoy a high-paying job of Art Director, working in my own IMVU office until dawn. I also need to drop by a IMVU fashion magazine to contribute some fashion ideas to their editor-in-chief there, on a monthly basis. While in reality, I am a freelance ghostwriter, copywriter and feature writer, struggling to make my freelance online career into a lucrative full-time online career. Maybe my goal will be achieved in 2009. Meanwhile, 2008 has been a journey with marketing, meeting different people worldwide, interviews, my book promotion tour, getting many writing online jobs, and hanging out and relaxing with Gumby D'Arcy, my kitty pimp. That sums up my 2008 as December comes to an end. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my fans all over the world. USA has a new president now. Let's hope world affairs and politics improves next year, as well, as we look forward to World Peace, happiness, Green Life, and a better life, next year.

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an is august 15, 2008..

Saturday 16 of August, 2008
My avatar bought a yacht at a bargain price, which she enjoys decorating, even though it is frustrating to maneuver in it because it is so big. This luxurious yacht has a pool, hot tub, dance floor, bar, and many rooms, like a moving house on the ocean as she sails to various exotic islands, enjoying the scenery with invited avatar guests from all over the world. When she is back home, she continues to mingle with another fashion magazine crew, occasionally doing freelance work for them as she promotes The Sand Dollar internationally.
Meanwhile, I continue to work on my graphic novel while promoting my first novel as I work out in the gym, watch indie films and check out the Olympics.

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Summertime is coming...

Sunday 22 of June, 2008
As my avatar continues her street team job on Imvu City, she has acquired livestock, some cows and horses, for her pool party environment. She also bought them a barn to sleep in when she isn't at her Pool Ranch. She continues remodeling, and she has added a black marble sink, cabinet and toilet in her Imvu Village townhouse as well as in her country glass house. Life is grand for my avatar as she enjoys her summers, swimming at 4 of her homes. Occasionally, her dogs and cat will come along as she chats with avatars at the Buckstars Coffee Shop, in downtown IMVU.
While I, on the other hand, continue marketing my first novel while working on my graphic novel.

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Virtual Reality Life....
Sunday 08 of June, 2008
As my avatar continues her Street Team, she has purchased 3 more IMVU real estate properties at bargain credits. She enjoys her Village furnished townhouse, with bbq and pool on the roof, 2 bathrooms, one with bathtub, as well as her added patio furniture and other items she already had. She also enjoys her modern glass house with large pool, located in scenic green pastures. It is pure bliss. On weekends, to combat the weekdays' stress of working on a graphic novel, she goes to her own private clubhouse for a pool party. A huge pool, gazebo, tent with pillows, a bar, barn, and a bbq rooftop, filled with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. She brings along her avatar pets, 2 Shihtzus, huge dalmation, gray cat and pink dragon. The red parrots remain in the loft and sometimes go along to the beach house.
Life gets hectic as I commute between reality and fantasy, promoting my first novel on the worldwide web and trying to draw a graphic novel.
I recently created a new website: for my book promotion tour. It has excerpts and photos of my career and life.
Meet the novelist at

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The Ghostwriter explains the realism to her novel...
Thursday 22 of May, 2008
The ghostwriter of the novel, The Sand Dollar, went on a journey through American Society to collect real information from society. Real information means real situations, events and happenings in society, as well as real people that the ghostwriter has actually come into contact with. Added to this real ideas and real people, the author decided to skip proofreading so the overlooked lame typos will make the fictional diary/memoir appear like a real nonfiction diary/memoir.
Author states, "I read and edited my novel like 20 times. I got sick of reading my own work that many times. And reading 400 pages for 20 times had made me immune to my own typos. So, I figured, instead of proofreading it to take out these lame typos, i thought, let them be in order to give an illusion of reality...of a real girl's diary, scribbling her days away, not aware of accidental slips here and there."

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Magazine Release Party
Monday 07 of April, 2008
My avatar wakes up at noon, walks to the downtown East Indian deli across the street to buy some Hindi food and stops at Buckstars Coffee Shop for a cup of mocha coffee before she continues her walk towards her city loft, where she eats while watching TV and thinking about the event that she has to host this afternoon. At 2:00pm, my avatar is at her beach house, preparing to host a magazine release party.
It is now 3:00pm, and the invited guests start to arrive. Woody from Michigan arrives first, and they hang out in the backyard, sitting on patio furniture with an umbrella, enjoying the beach scenery, ocean, and pool, while my avatar's 2 shihtzus, Pandy and Sandy, lurk close by, exploring the sand. 30 minutes later, Sport1kid from New York drops by and hangouts with them. As they chat about the party and the magazine, waiting for others to arrive, my avatar's cell phone rings, an hour later. It's Theaball from Texas. He is calling her about the party, and telling her that he can't make it. They chat for a while about the party on the cell phone. Then, Lilgirlstephie from OC, California arrives. They all talk about the magazine, and what kind of clothes should be displayed in it. Since my avatar is also the Journalist for the magazine, she takes out a pad and pen, and takes notes. ...modest haute couture fashions, more stylish fashions for men, ...and suddenly, IMVU crashes at 4:50pm. SHIT!
It is now 5:00pm, and my avatar is now sitting in her balcony with Lilgirlstephie and Woody, and the conversation continues about fashion, the magazine, social and life. My avatar puts some music in the background, a song by Evanescence. At 5:20pm, in the middle of the song, IMVU crashes again as 2 more guests arrive. Croud from Spain and Ch3vyman1956 from South Carolina arrive, and Ch3vyman brings his music along. As I am getting tired of all the crashes and lagging, she returns to her beach house, where now she is entertaining 5 invited guests. Tishalia from Canada has arrived. Ch3vyman's music creates problems again on IMVU, and IMVU crashes again at 5:30pm. My avatar's guests get tired of the crashing and lagging as well, and most leave.
My avatar hangs out on her rooftop, BBQing veggies while chatting with Woody about life, dating and socializing. Cybercaster from New Jersey arrives late, after the party, at 6:10pm, to eat a BBQ snack with them and chat about the magazine and life. At 6:30pm, Woody decides to leave. My avatar and Cybercaster hang out on the rooftop, chatting and watching the sunrise as the furnace burns behind them to warm them in the cool night air. They discuss different fashion styles for men in the IMVU World. My avatar continues to take notes for the magazine. Cybercaster mentions some popular men's fashion styles on IMVU. She jots them down: Business, Gangsta, Punk, Vampire and Emo. Cybercaster leaves at 7:30pm, which is 10:30pm his time.

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end of march...

Saturday 29 of March, 2008
As I organize my life and events for the weekend, my avatar buys a elegantly furnished townhouse in imvu at a bargin. She has been working hard on her Journalist job as well as Project Team, that this house was a needed retreat. It is located in the Upper West Side of Imvu City, which indicates that she has finally made it. As she is lying on the couch, on the first floor, watching TV, the doorbell rings. She invites avatar friends there to relax and unwind with her on the rooftop, drinking martinis and swimming on the rooftop pool. Then they go down to the kitchen and dance around as they fix themselves a quick snack while listening to music in the background. They relax in the bedroom and chat. Her avatar friend leaves and she soaks her body in a small hot tub, ready to go to sleep.
My agenda:
1. check out new opening of a coffee shop across the street on Saturday.
2. a big party at the big park across the street on Sunday.

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March Update...
Saturday 22 of March, 2008
March turns out to be a hectic month for my avatar and I. As I go to a local
Homecoming Alumni Basketball game in Irvine and local Art Exhibit with cocktail party in Costa Mesa, CA, my avatar has a hard time coordinating a photo shoot in her schedule with a photographer in VA. She finally fits it in on Thursday, the 6th, at 3:00 pm. Daylight saving time starts and I really need that extra hour in the day to get all my work done. I continue my local book promotion tour and go to a local fashion cocktail party in Costa Mesa. I also adopt 4 homeless Goldfish and get them adjusted into their new fish tank with fish food from Target. A Full Moon on Good Friday/1st day of Spring as I get ready for easter celebration and a cultural event at a local park, while my avatar is planning for a Magazine Release Party on April 6th to promote IMVU's fashion magazine's April Issue. She will be one of the hosts, using her beach house as one of the party locations.

Posted on Saturday 22 of March, 2008, 09:37:27

March 13, 2008, Thursday

Thursday 13 of March, 2008

I wake up noon, turn on my computer and drink 2 cups of coffee while I check my email. My fan mail has immensely increased and it takes me the whole day to finish reading everything and respond to some of their questions. I log on IMVU to check on my loft, beach house and business office, and I notice that my avatar is very busy as a full-time Journalist and Editor on a Project Team of a fashion magazine. She has been promoted from her entry level Street Team position that she has been working for a year on IMVU. On weekdays, she lives in her city loft, close to her business office, although she does most of her work at home. She just goes to her business office when she has to meet clients or interview avatars for the magazine that she is working with. Living on coffee, water and veggie bbq for she does not have time to eat or cook in her hectic lifestyle. Stressing out between drawing her graphic novel and working on her articles on her computer all week, she decides to hop to her beach house to relax. She has finished remodeling it, with a cozy family room, well-equipped kitchen, simple bathroom, nice pool with diving board, swing in the patio facing the pool and the ocean, and 3 sets of patio furniture, one by the pool, one in the backyard and one in the balcony. The rooftop is great for partying, where she has now added a bbq, a floating device, and a furnace for nighttime romancing. It is getting late now and she goes down to her basement, pours a glass of 151 and a glass of martini at the bar, and plays some pool. After she finishes her game, she retires to her bed in the basement.
Meanwhile, I finally finish checking all my email and I decide to promote my first novel on the internet. I realize I need to print out more promotional postcards and business cards for my novel, and I print some out and place them in my folder for I have 3 events for my local book promotion tour, at an art gallery, my college alumni event, and a boutique cocktail party. As I finish printing my promotional material and drinking my herb tea, I yawn as I realize I haven't drawn in my graphic novel today. I am still procrastinating on Chapter 2. I turn off my computer, turn off the HDTV and turn off the lights, and I retire to my bed upstairs, where I relax into my warm bed with Gumby cuddled by my side and read a little bit from a graphic novel, that I just bought for research, called Perspolis. An hour later, I am asleep.


05/30/2008 22:15

April 28th, Year 9, Wednesday excerpt

A classroom, inside of a high school, is filled with tables and chairs, where teenagers are crowded inside this room, attentively watching a television program. Seated in the first two front rows of the classroom are Jake, Jennifer, Catherine, Kristen, Suzanne, Karla and Shannon. These popular teenagers, dressed in preppy attire, consist of six snobbish girls and one athletic guy, and they are members of a clique. As I watch them, I notice Jennifer flirting with Jake, while Jake is complaining about his sore muscles and ignoring Jennifer’s advances. Jake looks like a small but muscular gymnast, and Jennifer looks like a conservative and homely marathon runner that is dressed in a cheerleading uniform. He keeps complaining to Jennifer that he is too thin, small and short, and that he has the body of a thirteen-year-old boy. As he is chatting with her, he keeps glancing towards my direction, one chair behind Jennifer’s chair, in the third row. Suddenly, Jennifer, the jealous bitch, walks by my table and inconspicuously places an ad for a fashion makeover inside my book while simultaneously chatting with Shannon. I hear her say a snide remark, intended for me, which sounds like, “This is for her, not for us.” They both smile in a sinister way that is filled with vindictive jealousy.
At the back of the room, students seem more serious and down-to-earth, sitting on the floor, watching the same television program, and analyzing the subject. I am wearing a casual and creative attire of black legging pants with patches on the knee areas, an oversized and faded denim jacket that once belonged to Maloney, my old plaid high-top sneakers with white socks, a long t-shirt with a big and black belt hanging loosely over my hips, and large and silver hoop earrings. I am getting tired of listening to Jake’s insecurities and Jennifer’s bitchiness, and I decide to move to the back area of the room to sit by the studious students on the floor. I sit on the floor by the class clown, a tall guy with light-colored curly hair, and he starts to chat with me and tell me jokes. While the popular girls are flirting with Jake, Jake turns his head toward my direction and glances at me, wondering why I would associate with that dork. I glance back at him for a second, but quickly turn my gaze away and ignore him, tired of his games. Jake gets pissed off and stands up from his seat, wanting to leave the classroom. As Jake walks toward the door, the popular girls follow him out, from the classroom, like his entourage. (As the first two rows leave the room, SCENE I fades into SCENE II).

The art gallery. Lelou Belle and I are sitting on the floor, chatting together, and discussing the artwork on the walls. I look up, at the wall, and notice one of my ink drawings, with the title “Devil Possession,” hanging on the right side...