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Friday 05 of October, 2007

Back in IMVU City, where I now have a company lobby, I occasionally promote my novel in this lobby, chatting with clients about my novel and future ventures. I don't have a back office yet because I am busy working on my graphic novel at my home art desk. Although it says modeling agency on the company wall, it is more of a high-rise ad agency, and I am the Principal Creative Director, freelancing, in charge of Photography, Graphics, Writing, Editing, Designing and Publishing. I occasionally do the marketing as well.
A block away is my IMVU loft, where I drop by to check on things before we hop to a more relaxing locale, away from the city and work. We go relax at my beach house, usually with my pets, at IMVU Beachtown. It is peaceful as we play our music, get to know each other, and just hang out poolside, in the jacuzzi, in the sauna, on the wicker daybed, watching a plasma tv, or on the rooftop bed, under the bed covers, chatting away. I am still remodeling my beach house, saving for other merchandise to make it homey and comfortable.
As we get tired, we pop out of our virtual world, and I am back in Southern California, living my own reality, the headaches of drawing a graphic novel. I turn off my computer, watch some TV on my plasma while sitting on my wicker couch. I finally decide to retire to my bed that I have had since I was 7, flip through fashion magazines for creative inspiration and ideas, as well as read a little bit from the current novel i am reading, The Bell Jar, until I fall asleep.

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Can you handle the truth?
Friday 24 of August, 2007
...or do you prefer to live in your fantasy world and continue to be in denial of reality? Wake up and get a reality check! Learn to accept yourself and others as what you and they really are so that you can get out of that dark, lonely pathetic hole that you have crawled inside of. And experience life and happiness based on honesty and being true to yourself. Dare to be YOU and not anyone else, and be a happier you.
The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh is an in-your-face honest fictional novel describing real people and real life experiences, and the choices they make that can break or make them. Some are pathetic losers who do stupid things and some are decent people who are wise in their choices. Compare how each chooses to deal with their situations as they move on in their lives. Some are put in similar situations but experience different outcomes in their life due to their choices that they make. Who would you rather be?
Enter the Reality Zone. A fictional novel about reality and getting a reality check. Dare to read 100% honesty and NO B.S. If you relate with any of the morons in the novel, don't be embarrassed. Just realize it and move on to a better future as a better person.
And remember, this novel is a light and entertaining novel with an easy to read style and flow that make it fun reading as you read the main characters adventure through the unknown to see where it will lead her and what she will do next. Will she accomplish her goals and reach her desired destination? Will she change goals or choose a different pathway? Will she give up on life and go downhill, suffering problems? What will actually happen? Buy a copy and find out.

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My International Book Promo Tour...
Sunday 15 of July, 2007
On Thursday, July 12th, I continue my book promotion tour via the internet as I hang out at the Buckstars Coffee Shop as well as my IMVU loft, relaxing and meeting different people when I am not working on my 2nd novel. I am also working on future book projects with other people as a ghostwriter or editor.
Things are going pretty well for me in Southern California as my IMVU 3D world has grown even bigger. A client has given me a beach house as a gift and I slowly decorate it as I gain credits. So far, it is empty except for a kitchen, pool and jacuzzi. I take my visitors or business clients to my IMVU loft, where it is comfortably furnished. We relax, chat and listen to music. Then, for a change of scenery, we will pop to the beach house to relax in the virtual jacuzzi or poolside, and continue to chat away about business or pleasure. I sometimes take along my virtual pets along, a huge dalmation named Dino because of his huge size, as well as gray cat named Astro. There is also a pink dragon pet. The 2 red parrots remain in my loft.
It is 10pm in California time, and I decide to change my clothes into gym clothes to take a break at my local gym. I return at 2am, all drenched in sweat, feeling sticky and wet. I take my shower, fix myself a cup of pomegranate herb tea, and I relax in front of the computer, slowly sipping my herb tea as I continue my book promotion tour. After I finish off my herb tea cup, I start to feel drowsy and I decide to turn off my computer. I go to my bedroom and fall asleep in my comfortable bed, dreaming of my future, where all my hopes and wishes are coming true.

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June 22, 2007, Friday, early morning
Friday 22 of June, 2007
  • Release Source: Fifi Leigh


Fifi Leigh Aims to Satisfy Independent Publishing Publicity Craving with Print-on-Demand Availability of The Sand Dollar at

IRVINE, CA—SEPTEMBER 27, 2006— Fifi Leigh entertains readers by narrating her nine-year adventures with the publication of The Sand Dollar in conjunction with Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

The Sand Dollar, about the autobiography of a fashion model, is written in journal format. As Fifi Leigh narrates her adventures, her struggles to overcome her obstacles and attain her goals as well as try to understand her surrealistic dreams, she encounters a ghost, weird psychics and crazy psychos, enabling her to uncover psychological and sociological issues in current society that are disturbing.

Fifi Leigh wrote The Sand Dollar to inspire others to go for their dreams and succeed. She emphasizes that fate, faith, and hope have helped her achieve her goals and dreams.

“It is up to you to make you dreams come true, but you have to make the initial step,” said Fifi Leigh. “You have to set attainable goals as well as make daily and active efforts toward achieving these goals. My novel shows how I made my dreams come true, despite my obstacles, and put the control of my destiny in my own hands.”

Link to Publication*: and


She has over 10 years of Visual Communications experience, including photography and digital arts, where her specialty is surrealistic mannequin photography. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a BA in Social Science, and has an MBA from Webster University. This is her first novel. She plans to do a graphic novel next, which will also be published on Lulu.


Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world’s fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. Please see for more information.


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May 13, 2007, Sunday, Mother's Day, 2:30 am
Sunday 13 of May, 2007
I continue my Book Promotion tour, internationally via the world wide web. I am at IMVU City, and recently had gotten myself a loft up there with my dalmation, gray cat, 2 red parrots, and baby dragon. I hang out there for meditation, inspiration, and meeting other people. When I can't sleep, I go to their coffee shop, Buckstars Coffee, where I meet people and use my sales pitch. If we click, I take them to my loft, where we relax on my bed and watch my plasma tv, or maybe play a couple of games on my pool table. But on sunny days, we take rides on the ferris wheel. At night, if it isn't too cold, we hang out on the rooftop of the apartment building, enjoying the starlight and moonlight.
Then we say good night and I go to sleep in my own bed, in california. I wake up to my novel, working on my 2nd one, wondering if it is good enough.

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May 12, 2007, Book Promotion Tour continues.
Saturday 12 of May, 2007
The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh is based on and inspired by real life and real people in current american society. I just changed names to fictionalize the characters for my fictional story. This is called Reality Writing, where I attempt to interpret what I have actually seen in society into a fictional story. As a Social Scientist, where I spend most of my time in college analyzing people based on what and why they do things in society, I wrote this novel to describe current sociological issues. Whatever I write about, actually happened in society, whether it happened to me or I have seen it happen to others.

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Monday 02 of April, 2007
The author explores the mysterious "spiritualism" of the other side.

The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh

The author, a Social Scientist who writes about sociology and psychology, turns her narrative powers on human behavior. Psychologists and Psychiatrists will have a field day decoding the strange surrealistic dreams that the main character has, but as a memoir, The Sand Dollar succeeds in narrating her spiritual autobiography. The author creates a spiritual story that inspires others to go for their dreams and persevere until their goals are achieved. The mosaic plot of The Sand Dollar includes a cast of thousands, and a multitude of crazy psychos and mentally ill people that try to thwart the main character from achieving her goals and reaching her destination. Under the author's imaginative scrutiny, weird psychics, crazy psychos, the business industry, a ghost, The Holy Spirit and her best friends all help her reach her destination through a wild, exhausting and obscure maze. In the process, she uncovers sociological and psychological issues in current American society that are disturbing. There is plenty of craziness in here for book clubs, psychologists and psychiatrists to discuss. The author reiterates that everything happens for a reason, based on a plan and path which is controlled by cosmic forces and a Higher Force that are beyond anyone's control, which has a solid ring of truth.

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March 20, 2007, Tuesday, (excerpt from The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh, from one of the surrealistic dream scenes).
Tuesday 20 of March, 2007
...Suddenly, I find myself, outside of this mini mall, casually walking towards an apartment building complex. These apartments look small, simple and very square-shaped. I decide to take a shortcut through someone’s apartment. As I open an unlocked door and step inside a dark room that looks fairly empty, bunch of dark-haired people and a miniature collie turn their heads toward my direction in shock and fear. All of them look at me in astonishment. I am very calm and relaxed, smiling at them and waving at their cute dog, and they just think that I am crazy. I continue to walk by, entering another dark room at the back of the apartment, where bunch of dark-haired children are giggling and playing with a miniature collie puppy. I pet the second collie and chat with a little girl. This sweet and shy girl, with dark hair and medium complexion, coyly smiles at me, acting very friendly.
Although this family doesn’t look wealthy, they seem simple, neat, clean, and content with their life. I notice a bright and red light of an exit sign in the children’s room, placed above a door, and it seems to glow a bright red color inside this very dark apartment. I am eager to get out from this darkness. As I open the door, I see a glowing and bright white sky in front of me, inviting me to move forward towards the peace and happiness ahead. I walk out, through the door, towards this bright light, in my usual nonchalant way, and I disappear into this white light.

I wake up at 10:00 a.m. to a smoldering ninety degrees heat, trying to understand this journey that I took in this dream and wondering what it means. I get up slowly from my bed, wear my light robe, and decide to eat my breakfast in the dining area that is facing the beach while I perform my meditation ritual.

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March 20, 2007, Tuesday, (excerpt from The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh, from one of the photo shoot scenes).
Tuesday 20 of March, 2007
...I watch the hustle and bustle of the crowded studio. The studio is filled with people running around simultaneously in different directions, trying to get their work done without trampling on each other.
Meanwhile, I am getting anxious and bored as I wait for my makeup artist and hairdresser to arrive at this location. This modeling thing is so tedious! Finally, Nicola, the makeup artist, comes to do my face. Then, a wild, funky-looking and bad ass Caucasian young man comes and does my hair. He puts a lame barrette in my hair and sleeks my hair back with gel. I feel so stupid in that look that I keep complaining to him that I need more body to cover the rash on my face. He gets pissed off that I didn’t like the look that he gave me and changes my hair to a fuller style by rubbing gel in his palms, and scrunching and messing up my hair. Another stylist comes to paint my nails in a wild color, as well as drawing some fake tattoos on my arms and legs. Many people, who walk by me, tell me that they love my makeup, the dark red lipstick and the smoky, grayish-brown eye shadow, and they ask me for the name of my makeup artist. I have been sitting in the same chair for so long, with so many people around me, that I forgot most of the people’s names that worked on my look. So, I tell them that I forgot. After taking many pictures in different angles and poses while wearing various interesting outfits, I finally finish the photo shoot at three o’clock. Before I leave, the Art Director tells me that they like my work and want to use one of my pictures for the cover of the magazine. I feel excited but shocked of this news.

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March 2, 2007, The Tour Continues....

Saturday 03 of March, 2007

The basic premise of The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh is that everything in life happens for a purpose, even though many shit happens to her, leading her to her ultimate destination in a very crazy path that is more of a roller coaster ride. And at the end, she feels a certain fulfillment and accomplishment that she has achieved her goal, although a little tired and stressed in the process.

Check out my book fan club on geocities and follow her career:
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