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05/30/2010 00:01


Early May 2010, animal rights activists and animal lovers join together to support Susan Barrett and other animal rights activists who are fighting to stop Robeson Animal Shelter from further killing the animals in their facility. Facebook users are asked to place a particular picture in the profile picture of their page, for one week, in order to make a statement that this animal holocaust cannot continue. Jeff Bass, the Director of Robeson Animal Shelter in North Carolina, has been killing these homeless animals for over ten years. Animal Rights Activists are also fighting to terminate his job at the Robeson Animal Shelter in order to give these animals hope for a happy home and future.

Animal rights activists are outraged that Jeff Bass is still working there, even though there were many complaints about all of the animal abuse, torture, mutilation, and killing going on.

Help save homeless animals in your community before someone kills them.

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