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Finished my 2nd novel, Dream Vignettes

02/15/2019 19:21

It is a rainy and cloudy month. I decided not to go on the Woodbridge meetup at 6 pm because it was just cold, cloudy and wet outside this evening, even though it was warm, sunny and peaceful in the morning. How quicky the sky changed. Anyway, this January 2019, I finally finished drawing my graphic novel. I even edited it a couple of times as well as I drew the covers on Illustrator, although I saved the covers as jpeg files. I am currently proofing the graphic novel for the second time, but working slowly, hoping to catch typos, computer glitches, and other inconsistencies. I did catch a lot of lame typos during the first time I proofed it. There were also some software glitches. I made some changes during the second round of proofing. I wonder if I should go through a third round, or if it is good enough now. 


My graphic novel, Dream Vignettes, is 201 pages long, and it is a prequel to The Sand Dollar. I plan to self-publish it on, like the first novel. I hope everything works out. I am not sure when I will feel ready to self-publish because I keep going over it to make sure it is OK. I hope it will upload correctly and come out right.