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02/15/2009 16:10

It is almost winter, and my avatar is starting to feel the chills. Even I am getting cold in Southern California. But, since my avatar lives in tropical locales, jet-setting from various islands to downtown LA humidity and NYC fashion week, as she enjoys her many pools, evening BBQs, and riding horses and cows in endless green pastures, she has stocked her wardrobe with light clothes and accessories.
Wearing her sweats to bed, she slept next to the fireplace all night, trying to warm herself as well as her small loft. Freezing to death all night, she barely slept. But she wakes up at 7:00 A.M. to eat her early breakfast of pastry and tea with her vitamin. Still wearing her sweats that she had slept in all night, she puts on her sneakers, and out the door she rushes toward the subway, with her wallet and her keys in her pocket. She takes the subway to the IMVU garment district, where she browses through millions of clothes hanging all over the place. After two hours of window shopping around, she finally chooses three clothes: low-rise skinny jeans, yellow turtleneck, and brown Down Jacket with fir-trim hoodie. She runs out of money and decides to leave with her purchases, even though she would have liked to buy those cute brown boots as well as a wool scarf and knit gloves. But maybe next month. She takes the subway back to her loft, and tries on her new clothes. Then, all of the sudden, she remembers her freelance editorial job at the fashion magazine, and runs out the door, with her keys and wallet. She remains wearing her skinny jeans, yellow turtleneck, brown Down Jacket, and black ankle boots with black socks.
Meanwhile, after eating my breakfast of pastry, vitamin and tea while still in my thick nightgown, robe, socks and slippers, I decide to turn on the heater at 75 degrees to warm up my cold townhouse. Outside my slide door, I see the sunny skies shining bright to dry up the wet ground from last night's rainstorm. The multicolored orange, red and yellow leaves on trees that line the sidewalks look like a huge floral arrangement celebrating the festive autumn season. With the sunny skies and my heater, I am finally getting warm as I continue working on my computer.

Posted on Tuesday 16 of December, 2008, 18:49:53

The end of another year....

Tuesday 16 of December, 2008
I have been busy since my last blog, traveling worldwide across the internet and seeking writing jobs. I have been doing freelance ghostwriter and copywriter jobs for various websites, as well as writing on a part-time basis on, associated content, bukisa, and GO articles. Check out my how-to articles on I am fifileigh on there. And, if you have any suggestions, leave me a comment on there. I will try my best to write an article according to your request. Even my short pixie haircut has grown out since June.
As the weather in Southern California has been raining and storming all day and night, I drop by my virtual reality world at IMVU to check on my homes there. I decide to update my avatar haircut to a grown-out pixie haircut that looks similar to mine as well as buy a small jet to ride with my invited guests. I chat with an avatar guest at his homes and locales while listening to his music. As we try to start a pool game, he leaves or crashes.
I check on my email and some fan mail, responding to each. After eating dinner of Chinese noodles and Starbucks coffee, I realize I need to go to the gym tonight. I also need to drop by my other virtual city, Facebook Yoville, where I have an apartment with a hot tub that faces the ocean and the beach. Yoville is much smaller than IMVU, but the 2D avatars of Yoville are just as eclectic as the 3D avatars of IMVU. I go there on my private IMVU jet that I recently acquired through my IMVU credits.
As I park my private jet at Mozilla Foxfire International Airport, I hop on a Mozilla Foxfire taxicab with my luggage, and the driver zooms me toward Facebook. Zooming through Cyperspace, I think about all the problems that I recently have had with Explorer International Airport, and those muthafuckas called viruses, spyware and bugs that recently infected my computer for the 4th time, forcing me to start my internet life one more time by reinstalling window xp internet rebirth. Those viruses, spyware and bugs had stolen all my files and documents that I had saved on my hard drive. My semi-precious work that I worked hard to earn. And, I had forgotten to place insurance on them by backing them up into CDs and floppies. Where are the internet police, CIA and FBI when you need them?
I enter Yoville and go straight to the factory to get my paycheck. I hang out there, chatting with the 2D locals and earning some extra Yoville Income. I am only a Supervisor at the Factory, and I seem to live a humble life there. But at IMVU, I enjoy a high-paying job of Art Director, working in my own IMVU office until dawn. I also need to drop by a IMVU fashion magazine to contribute some fashion ideas to their editor-in-chief there, on a monthly basis. While in reality, I am a freelance ghostwriter, copywriter and feature writer, struggling to make my freelance online career into a lucrative full-time online career. Maybe my goal will be achieved in 2009. Meanwhile, 2008 has been a journey with marketing, meeting different people worldwide, interviews, my book promotion tour, getting many writing online jobs, and hanging out and relaxing with Gumby D'Arcy, my kitty pimp. That sums up my 2008 as December comes to an end. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my fans all over the world. USA has a new president now. Let's hope world affairs and politics improves next year, as well, as we look forward to World Peace, happiness, Green Life, and a better life, next year.

Posted on Tuesday 16 of December, 2008, 05:22:04

an is august 15, 2008..

Saturday 16 of August, 2008
My avatar bought a yacht at a bargain price, which she enjoys decorating, even though it is frustrating to maneuver in it because it is so big. This luxurious yacht has a pool, hot tub, dance floor, bar, and many rooms, like a moving house on the ocean as she sails to various exotic islands, enjoying the scenery with invited avatar guests from all over the world. When she is back home, she continues to mingle with another fashion magazine crew, occasionally doing freelance work for them as she promotes The Sand Dollar internationally.
Meanwhile, I continue to work on my graphic novel while promoting my first novel as I work out in the gym, watch indie films and check out the Olympics.

Posted on Saturday 16 of August, 2008, 00:04:28

Summertime is coming...

Sunday 22 of June, 2008
As my avatar continues her street team job on Imvu City, she has acquired livestock, some cows and horses, for her pool party environment. She also bought them a barn to sleep in when she isn't at her Pool Ranch. She continues remodeling, and she has added a black marble sink, cabinet and toilet in her Imvu Village townhouse as well as in her country glass house. Life is grand for my avatar as she enjoys her summers, swimming at 4 of her homes. Occasionally, her dogs and cat will come along as she chats with avatars at the Buckstars Coffee Shop, in downtown IMVU.
While I, on the other hand, continue marketing my first novel while working on my graphic novel.

Posted on Sunday 22 of June, 2008, 08:37:00 UTC

Virtual Reality Life....
Sunday 08 of June, 2008
As my avatar continues her Street Team, she has purchased 3 more IMVU real estate properties at bargain credits. She enjoys her Village furnished townhouse, with bbq and pool on the roof, 2 bathrooms, one with bathtub, as well as her added patio furniture and other items she already had. She also enjoys her modern glass house with large pool, located in scenic green pastures. It is pure bliss. On weekends, to combat the weekdays' stress of working on a graphic novel, she goes to her own private clubhouse for a pool party. A huge pool, gazebo, tent with pillows, a bar, barn, and a bbq rooftop, filled with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. She brings along her avatar pets, 2 Shihtzus, huge dalmation, gray cat and pink dragon. The red parrots remain in the loft and sometimes go along to the beach house.
Life gets hectic as I commute between reality and fantasy, promoting my first novel on the worldwide web and trying to draw a graphic novel.
I recently created a new website: for my book promotion tour. It has excerpts and photos of my career and life.
Meet the novelist at

Posted on Sunday 08 of June, 2008, 23:48:27

The Ghostwriter explains the realism to her novel...
Thursday 22 of May, 2008
The ghostwriter of the novel, The Sand Dollar, went on a journey through American Society to collect real information from society. Real information means real situations, events and happenings in society, as well as real people that the ghostwriter has actually come into contact with. Added to this real ideas and real people, the author decided to skip proofreading so the overlooked lame typos will make the fictional diary/memoir appear like a real nonfiction diary/memoir.
Author states, "I read and edited my novel like 20 times. I got sick of reading my own work that many times. And reading 400 pages for 20 times had made me immune to my own typos. So, I figured, instead of proofreading it to take out these lame typos, i thought, let them be in order to give an illusion of reality...of a real girl's diary, scribbling her days away, not aware of accidental slips here and there."

Posted on Thursday 22 of May, 2008, 02:45:12

Magazine Release Party
Monday 07 of April, 2008
My avatar wakes up at noon, walks to the downtown East Indian deli across the street to buy some Hindi food and stops at Buckstars Coffee Shop for a cup of mocha coffee before she continues her walk towards her city loft, where she eats while watching TV and thinking about the event that she has to host this afternoon. At 2:00pm, my avatar is at her beach house, preparing to host a magazine release party.
It is now 3:00pm, and the invited guests start to arrive. Woody from Michigan arrives first, and they hang out in the backyard, sitting on patio furniture with an umbrella, enjoying the beach scenery, ocean, and pool, while my avatar's 2 shihtzus, Pandy and Sandy, lurk close by, exploring the sand. 30 minutes later, Sport1kid from New York drops by and hangouts with them. As they chat about the party and the magazine, waiting for others to arrive, my avatar's cell phone rings, an hour later. It's Theaball from Texas. He is calling her about the party, and telling her that he can't make it. They chat for a while about the party on the cell phone. Then, Lilgirlstephie from OC, California arrives. They all talk about the magazine, and what kind of clothes should be displayed in it. Since my avatar is also the Journalist for the magazine, she takes out a pad and pen, and takes notes. ...modest haute couture fashions, more stylish fashions for men, ...and suddenly, IMVU crashes at 4:50pm. SHIT!
It is now 5:00pm, and my avatar is now sitting in her balcony with Lilgirlstephie and Woody, and the conversation continues about fashion, the magazine, social and life. My avatar puts some music in the background, a song by Evanescence. At 5:20pm, in the middle of the song, IMVU crashes again as 2 more guests arrive. Croud from Spain and Ch3vyman1956 from South Carolina arrive, and Ch3vyman brings his music along. As I am getting tired of all the crashes and lagging, she returns to her beach house, where now she is entertaining 5 invited guests. Tishalia from Canada has arrived. Ch3vyman's music creates problems again on IMVU, and IMVU crashes again at 5:30pm. My avatar's guests get tired of the crashing and lagging as well, and most leave.
My avatar hangs out on her rooftop, BBQing veggies while chatting with Woody about life, dating and socializing. Cybercaster from New Jersey arrives late, after the party, at 6:10pm, to eat a BBQ snack with them and chat about the magazine and life. At 6:30pm, Woody decides to leave. My avatar and Cybercaster hang out on the rooftop, chatting and watching the sunrise as the furnace burns behind them to warm them in the cool night air. They discuss different fashion styles for men in the IMVU World. My avatar continues to take notes for the magazine. Cybercaster mentions some popular men's fashion styles on IMVU. She jots them down: Business, Gangsta, Punk, Vampire and Emo. Cybercaster leaves at 7:30pm, which is 10:30pm his time.

Posted on Monday 07 of April, 2008, 08:59:36

end of march...

Saturday 29 of March, 2008
As I organize my life and events for the weekend, my avatar buys a elegantly furnished townhouse in imvu at a bargin. She has been working hard on her Journalist job as well as Project Team, that this house was a needed retreat. It is located in the Upper West Side of Imvu City, which indicates that she has finally made it. As she is lying on the couch, on the first floor, watching TV, the doorbell rings. She invites avatar friends there to relax and unwind with her on the rooftop, drinking martinis and swimming on the rooftop pool. Then they go down to the kitchen and dance around as they fix themselves a quick snack while listening to music in the background. They relax in the bedroom and chat. Her avatar friend leaves and she soaks her body in a small hot tub, ready to go to sleep.
My agenda:
1. check out new opening of a coffee shop across the street on Saturday.
2. a big party at the big park across the street on Sunday.

Posted on Saturday 29 of March, 2008, 11:28:52

March Update...
Saturday 22 of March, 2008
March turns out to be a hectic month for my avatar and I. As I go to a local
Homecoming Alumni Basketball game in Irvine and local Art Exhibit with cocktail party in Costa Mesa, CA, my avatar has a hard time coordinating a photo shoot in her schedule with a photographer in VA. She finally fits it in on Thursday, the 6th, at 3:00 pm. Daylight saving time starts and I really need that extra hour in the day to get all my work done. I continue my local book promotion tour and go to a local fashion cocktail party in Costa Mesa. I also adopt 4 homeless Goldfish and get them adjusted into their new fish tank with fish food from Target. A Full Moon on Good Friday/1st day of Spring as I get ready for easter celebration and a cultural event at a local park, while my avatar is planning for a Magazine Release Party on April 6th to promote IMVU's fashion magazine's April Issue. She will be one of the hosts, using her beach house as one of the party locations.

Posted on Saturday 22 of March, 2008, 09:37:27

March 13, 2008, Thursday

Thursday 13 of March, 2008

I wake up noon, turn on my computer and drink 2 cups of coffee while I check my email. My fan mail has immensely increased and it takes me the whole day to finish reading everything and respond to some of their questions. I log on IMVU to check on my loft, beach house and business office, and I notice that my avatar is very busy as a full-time Journalist and Editor on a Project Team of a fashion magazine. She has been promoted from her entry level Street Team position that she has been working for a year on IMVU. On weekdays, she lives in her city loft, close to her business office, although she does most of her work at home. She just goes to her business office when she has to meet clients or interview avatars for the magazine that she is working with. Living on coffee, water and veggie bbq for she does not have time to eat or cook in her hectic lifestyle. Stressing out between drawing her graphic novel and working on her articles on her computer all week, she decides to hop to her beach house to relax. She has finished remodeling it, with a cozy family room, well-equipped kitchen, simple bathroom, nice pool with diving board, swing in the patio facing the pool and the ocean, and 3 sets of patio furniture, one by the pool, one in the backyard and one in the balcony. The rooftop is great for partying, where she has now added a bbq, a floating device, and a furnace for nighttime romancing. It is getting late now and she goes down to her basement, pours a glass of 151 and a glass of martini at the bar, and plays some pool. After she finishes her game, she retires to her bed in the basement.
Meanwhile, I finally finish checking all my email and I decide to promote my first novel on the internet. I realize I need to print out more promotional postcards and business cards for my novel, and I print some out and place them in my folder for I have 3 events for my local book promotion tour, at an art gallery, my college alumni event, and a boutique cocktail party. As I finish printing my promotional material and drinking my herb tea, I yawn as I realize I haven't drawn in my graphic novel today. I am still procrastinating on Chapter 2. I turn off my computer, turn off the HDTV and turn off the lights, and I retire to my bed upstairs, where I relax into my warm bed with Gumby cuddled by my side and read a little bit from a graphic novel, that I just bought for research, called Perspolis. An hour later, I am asleep.