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Tuesday 19 of February, 2008

As I continue my Int'l book promotion tour via the internet, I also continue my IMVU Street Team promotions. I have added modern white chairs and circular contemporary glass tables for the waiting area in my business office, as well as some file cabinets and a coffee machine with its table for my office. I also added these new products in my city loft as well as for my beach house and basement.
My internet fan club increases and it takes me all day to answer my internet fan mail that i don't have time to work on my graphic novel. I finally finish, and I decide to take a shower and do some laundry.
My Virtual Life is as busy as my Real Life for I feel that they are both starting to come together into one. As I sit on my art desk, in my IMVU City Life, and draw my graphic novel while watching my plasma tv, I look away from my computer screen in Real Life as I type this and watch my own flat HDTV. I am promoting my novel, in Virtual Reality CyberWorld and in California, and I am working on my graphic novel in both worlds as well.

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February 7th, 2008, Thursday, 5:36pm
Friday 08 of February, 2008
I wake up, eat brunch, and check my email, which takes me forever to do. I then check out my IMVU World, my office and homes there. I finally added an art desk, water cooler and conference table in my office, which i occasionally use these products at my city loft and beach house. My business office is starting to take shape now, except for few more basic necessities. My City Loft is full now and my avatar is enjoying its comfort that it brings to her as she stresses out in her CyberWorld. My beach house has most of my avatar's needs, except for few minor necessities, but nevertheless, she is enjoying its solitary comfort, in front of an ocean, surrounded by a yellow sandy beach, palm trees, her private pool as well as an indoor jacuzzi and sauna, rooftop partying with other avatars, listening to music, and sleeping in her basement bedroom or playing in her basement game room. Life is bliss for my avatar.
Another day goes by fast. I need to wake up from my avatar fantasy world, and continue drawing my graphic novel. that one of the 7 deadly sins...which can be translated as sloth?

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What is this?! The PHANTOM internet tabloid strikes again!
Thursday 07 of February, 2008
As I check my emails, I receive a message from someone on the internet who had interviewed me some time ago and quoted me out of context.

ROM: goldencoins
DATE: 02/04/2008 11:43:50
SUBJECTS: Forgot --Re: i use a similar audible in messenger program...
... annoy the people i am chatting with, with it. those audible in the messenger programs are funny, but a little obnoxious that they tend to annoy some people on the internet. so, being bored on the internet, i use it to my advantage and entertain myself trying to annoy internet people, mostly men.

another quote of yours
i have been to rio in august 1985. i had fun. nice area. cool people. how is life there now?

I forgot to quote these 2 above on the emails I just sent you! So you can have an idea to what I´ve replied to after 2 months!

Are you a member of Facebook?

see you around!

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February 1st, 2008, Friday, late night
Sunday 03 of February, 2008
I go into my IMVU World and check on my rooms, my beach house, basement, business office, and company lobby, occasionally chatting with some avatars in each of these rooms, feeling quite restless. I go on my IMVU profile page to check on my writing groups and clubs, and play writing games and blog. as i do some organizing, i notice that i have acquired a beagle watch dog screen cleaner. i do some cleaning on my page, organizing my messages as i read them and check on things on the site. from my messages, i realize that writing is my calling, and i should continue on, pursuing it to the end. all of the sudden, Gumby jumps by me, on a waste basket, and up onto my lap. meow. he sits on the waste basket again, watching me intently, wanting something but i am not sure what it is. i go pour him some holistic dry food and clean his litter box before i return to my computer. all of the sudden, i notice the time on my computer clock and decide to go to sleep.

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Review by a fan...
Tuesday 22 of January, 2008
Dileep Nair, fan from India, writes:
"Fifi leigh unlocks the designer chest of the human mind with her magic key and reveals that the emotions like anger, greed, love and lust has no race or gender.
It takes you to an unexplored world but the characters are known to you in different settings and background."

Review for The Sand Dollar, a fan continues,
"Fifi leigh proves that the human mind has no race cast or creed. She reveals the inner depths of the human feelings and emotions by unlocking the minds casket with her golden key.
A book which reflects our feelings and emotions...
by Dileep Nair, reviewed 6 weeks ago

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Update on my Cyberworld Imvu Life...
Friday 18 of January, 2008
As I return from the gym after a good workout at 1:30am, I take my shower and relax in front of the computer while sipping herb tea.
I log on Imvu and check on my beach house, which I continue to remodel. My Imvu world has grown immensely for I now have acquired 2 rooms. I recently added a basement with 2 rooms for my beach house. One room is a bedroom, and the other room is a photo studio/game room, where I have a pool table and an antique rug. I also now have a corporate office on Imvu, which only has an antique rug, bookcases with books and a desk with computer, for now. I added that desk into my beach house and loft so I can work on my novels when i am in my Cyberworld. I put photo studio equipment in this business office as well. I am still saving up for business furniture so that I can discuss business interactions and relations on the net, mostly about writing, graphic design and photography, with avatars in similar fields.
I also created a Writing Club on Imvu, where avatars all over the world can meet and discuss their writing and creative concerns. And, on my spare time, my avatar travels to Chinatown through Imvu. I am also with the Imvu Street Team for promotions and marketing.

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It is 2008!
Thursday 03 of January, 2008
My new year starts with organizing my life in order to continue drawing my graphic novel.
-i bought a Braun coffee machine but realized i can't figure out how to work it. so, i am going to return it and seek a simpler one.
-i bought a yoga dvd to go with my pilates dvd that i already have for relaxation and rejuvenation.
-on sunday, Gumby turns 8.
-i feel 2008 already started with a fresh and new start, but a little slow. i need to accelerate it, and keep it moving forward and ahead, toward my final destination.
-i put together a daily schedule of drawing my graphic novel, working out in the gym, doing yoga/pilates, drinking a lot of coffee, book promotion tour for first novel, and once a week excursion out of my townhouse to breathe fresh air.

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Another Year almost over...
Friday 28 of December, 2007
My Christmas was relaxing as I took a walk to the local indie movie theater across the street and watched 2 indie films, Juno, and Margot at the Wedding. I had a relaxing and peaceful day, almost meditative as I look ahead toward my future and what is in store for me in the new year--2008.
I also adopted a cat, a week before Christmas. He is an orange and white neutered male Domestic Long Hair named Gumby. He was originally adopted from the animal shelter at age 5, and his previous owner had him for 2 years until he died of lung cancer at 50. Now 7, Gumby lives with me and has moved on into his new home. Since he doesn't answer to his name, I decided to add a middle name that suits him more--D'Arcy, but still keep his original name because it is still a part of him. An orphaned and homeless cat got a home for Christmas.
Meanwhile, my IMVU beach house is taking shape as I finish my interior decoration. The family room looks small but cozy, almost like an all window cottage, with a plasma tv, 2 wicker couches, antique-looking rug, bookshelf, furnace, glass coffee table, brick walls in the interior to separate 3 rooms in the loft-like first floor of the beach house. I occasionally go there when I am bored or stressed out from working on my 2nd novel, and I meditate on the 2 songs that I have on there, Immortal by Evanescence and Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. I occasionally chat with some avatars on my list in my IMVU loft and beach house, as well as meeting new avatars in the Buckstars Coffee Shop, and getting to know each other better in Ferris Wheel ride and nighttime rooftop 3D settings.
As I check my email, I realize that my horoscope has some truth to it, even though I never believed in that stuff. "You're going to have to deal with the aftermath of success — but it can wait another day, while you reap the many rewards! Today feels great and there's no reason for you to feel anything but warmth." That sums up the end of my 2007. I leave 2007 with a good feeling about my future and what is ahead of me as I look forward toward my future, for a better 2008.
Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year!

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Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous....
Monday 24 of December, 2007
A Conversation With...Fifi F. Leigh

Make no doubt about it, she's one of the best...

Although you might run into Fifi F. Leigh, Art Director, at Beach City, Tartan, Metroburg, Olde Anglo, or at one of her many profile pages on the internet, her presence is always felt here at LULU.COM. Perhaps most renowned for her modeling career and her bestseller books about her life, Fifi is an Art Director in the motion picture industry, and her passion, expertise, education and visionary approach are helping her solidify her position and title as the most entertaining Art Director/Novelist on the World Wide Web.

Q: What are you most excited about these days?
Fifi Leigh: Lulu has helped me publish my first novel all on my own, and I enjoyed the freedom of doing everything my way, including designing my own covers, writing the novel, editing the novel, and designing my own marketing material to promote it worldwide via the internet. Such accomplishment has encouraged me to start a new project, drawing a graphic novel. My education, skills, and internships have also given me the expertise to do everything on my own with confidence. I am very excited about my future as a Novelist/Art Director, and how I will help shape the future in creative writing and social sciences.

Q: When did you decide to devote your life to writing novels?
Fifi Leigh: Growing up in Vienna, VA, I liked to draw as well as do arts and crafts. My love for the arts led me toward visual communications, but during my first year at my university, I met a friend who was studying social sciences. I went with her to some of the social science forums and events, and i was hooked. Teachers have always encouraged me to read more because I used to write in slang terms. So I got into classic novels and these novelists inspired me to write my own novel. Soon I was volunteering my time to serve my community at the Artist Village, College Publication, World Trade Center, Community Theater, Condominium Association, Chambers of Commerce, and Performing Arts Center. Then, I moved in with my best friend into her beachfront condominium. Friends and colleagues continually encouraged me to write my novel that I keep putting off, until one day I just decided to go for it and do it. And I haven't regret it since. This step has moved me forward in my career to better things to come. I was meant to be a professional novelist/creative writer.

Q: What's the most challenging part about being a Graphic Novelist?
Fifi Leigh:Probably trying to coordinate the writing of the plot, scriptwriting, drawing the panels on each page into a fluid and coherent manner as well as with artistic and appealing visual effects that flows into a dramatic and action-oriented storyline. This tends to spell S-T-R-E-S-S, but that is why I go to the gym late at night to de-stress and relax.

Q: What's your advice for young people who want to be Graphic Novelists and Novelists?
Fifi Leigh:Visit as many libraries and bookstores as you can, and read as many books as you can. Study the arts, and see if there's an opportunity for behind-the-scenes tours or other events that allow you to view more of the artworld, art collections, art fields, and art and publishing industries. And never stop learning and growing, whether by working, reading, observing, studying, or all of the above.

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Fifi Leigh:My first novel, The Sand Dollar. It will go down as the most entertaining novel on the internet, and doing the whole novel on my own has changed my life. Overall, it was a phenomenal project that lasted three years, a project that gave me total control and freedom to do everything my own way and persevere until completion. Today, it's probably the self-discovery that I can accomplish anything on my own as long as the Holy Spirit is there to guide me all the way to the end and help me make my dreams come true. All the work on this novel has given me confidence, strength and pride. I think of it often. Such an incredible feeling...publishing your own novel, doing it your way, and feeling satisfaction and pride when looking at the end result.

Q: Your 2nd project, the graphic novel, is currently experiencing a "writer's block in drawing it," and you seem to be slowing down. When will the graphic novel be finished?
Fifi Leigh:In the next 2 or 3 years, I'll be drawing about 160 pages. I hope people will find my 2D artwork fascinating, particularly the computer work on Photoshop that will finalize the graphic novel after 200 pages have been drawn in pencil and ink. I'm confident that people from all over the world, or the world wide web, will come visit my lulu order site and buy a copy.

Q: What's your favorite novel?
Fifi Leigh:Probably classic novels, like Mayor of Casterbridge, Lord of the Flies, Lord of the Rings, Sun Also Rises, Great Expectations, novels with adventure. The more I read, the more my writing has improved, and I am shocked and completely amazed at the positive feedback that I have been getting from many people all over the world who enjoy my writing style and my entertaining stories. My artwork and my creative writing--although there are bigger and better writers and novels out there, but nothing is like reading an original fictional novel, something different, and inspired by classic novels that I enjoy reading. That massive book collection in my bedroom is my inspiration to create, and just leaves me in awe as I read each novel.

Q: What is it about reading your novel that fascinates people?
Fifi Leigh:The mystery, adventure and comedy of the novel. It is so impressive and so interesting because of the raw realism in this novel that is similar to an independent film or reality show--there's good reason many people are watching reality shows and indie films lately, and why many fact-based books and stories have been made into movies or plays. Nothing else like reading a "reality" book in your warm bed. Plus, a "reality" book is the perfect vehicle to study about writing, art, literature and social sciences, and learn about other writers, people, cultures and lifestyles because human behavior is a window to someone's soul. And understanding why people behave in certain ways and in certain situations can help cure mental illnesses in this crazy society that we live in.

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Monday 12 of November, 2007

9/27/06biggrinFinally published my novel, The Sand Dollar, at North Carolina self-publishing called Lulu Press.
10/8/06ideaIrvine, CA, Digital Artist designs promotional materials, postcards and business cards, for distribution locally in person and internationally via the internet.
10/23/06smileOn Lulu Storefront News, Fifi Leigh participates in a news conference for The Sand Dollar criticism of government and media corruption content. She is credited for breaking with the publishing system and making the type of fiction novels that she wants to make in the face of the publishing industry. Lulu Press has released the novel to the public.
11/2/06surprisedAdvanced Screening Q&A session by Mannequin Magazine critic who works in publishing interviews Fifi Leigh for a magazine profile to further promote The Sand Dollar on Myspace.
2/19/07arrowIrvine, CA--Fifi Leigh promotes her novel at her colleges. She goes to 2 college events, a festival with a sporting event and a conference to officially debut The Sand Dollar on the red carpet.
2/20/07ideaInternet promotional sites are established on various profile pages throughout the world wide web, allowing Fifi Leigh to permeate her ads and marketing material internationally and nationally for mass communication.
3/07ideaFifi Leigh Fan Club has been started on Geocities to further promote The Sand Dollar for people who enjoy Fifi Leigh's entertaining and light writing style.
4/07ideaBook Review by Mannequin Magazine
5/07coolIrvine, CA Premier at WU--Fifi Leigh receives a warm welcome from her peers as she promotes The Sand Dollar on the red carpet. Her alums join her and discuss their projects. Fifi Leigh talks about the Graphics field with media and press, saying "I will one day. I have always wanted to be a Creative Director. I have done small graphics projects, but I am seeking the right project. Meanwhile, she continues her international tour via the internet as she works on her second novel.
6/07ideaPress Release by Lulu Press has been released and distributed throughout the internet on various profile pages. It is currently circulating for mass communication.
7/07arrowWriters Digest Premier on the internet, where coworker, Anne, shows up for support. They continue to promote their 1st novels on the forum as they work on their 2nd novels. Fifi Leigh helps struggling and stressed writers finish writing their novels by offering tips on writers' block, publishing, editing, and writing.
8/07 to 10/07arrowIrvine, CA--As Fifi Leigh works out in the gym at night to de-stress, she draws her graphic novel during the daytime.
11/07lolFifi Leigh finally finishes drawing 40 pages of the prologue and first chapter of the graphic novel. She prepares for the second chapter, working on layout and organization of each page for an artistic and dramatic creative effect. Her fan base increases world wide, and she gains customers in India, Malaysia, and UK as well as locally in the OC area. National fans express their interests to buy a copy.
11/10/07coolSaturday, 6:30pm, Costa Mesa, CA--Fifi Leigh meets fans in an uptown area during a private screening with powerful business professionals. She has a VIP pass and parties all night at the cocktail party, filled with gin and hors d'oeuvre. Guests include Helen, Hijran, Amar, and Kym.

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