The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh at

May 30, Year 3, Saturday excerpt

05/30/2008 22:05

...I think to myself that it must be one of Summer’s fucking tactics to get me fired or keep me from working in a Ferodo assignment, even though I don’t see Summer anywhere.
At 1:00 p.m., I walk inside the studio, where there is loud music blaring from a stereo system, and all of the crew are dressed in white t-shirts, with black Adam Ferodo logo on them, and black pants. There are many business executives standing around in their pinstriped business suits and dark briefcases. I take out my water bottle from my tote bag and take a long sip because my mouth is getting dry from all of the tension, drama and stress of working with crap all day, and dehydrating my skin. A black Marketing Executive, Mark, likes me so much that he gives me free Ferodo samples. I don’t see Adam Ferodo anywhere, but I notice Summer standing around bitching with other people about me working in this assignment, as well as giving me nasty looks. Summer and the white trash bitch, that I encountered earlier, are watching me during the whole time and getting pissed that I am getting all of these free samples. They come my way, act nasty to me and argue with me, telling me...