The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh at

March 16, Year 8, Sunday excerpt

05/30/2008 22:13

...My Agency Director tells me that I am getting too old and this is the last year that I will be getting modeling jobs through this agency. I just shake my head that I understand, being eager to move on with my life, especially after the shitty jobs that she has been sending me on lately. She also tells me about some low-budget department store modeling jobs and I quickly respond “no” without giving it a second thought. She persuades me to do these low-budget jobs that I detest so much by telling me that I can use such jobs as a form of promotional marketing for other projects that I am currently doing. Since I have a big name in modeling, I can make appearances at these assignments, signing autographs, meeting people, and doing some runway modeling in fashion shows. Although I am used to doing mostly print work and I don’t have much experience with runway modeling, the Agency Director tells me to just walk naturally and be myself because I will be there for appearances only. I think to myself, why not. It could be a good opportunity to promote my magazine and DL Designs, as well as network and make contacts. I tell her about my Mannequin Magazine and we agree to stay in touch for business purposes...