The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh at

April 28th, Year 9, Wednesday excerpt

05/30/2008 22:15
A classroom, inside of a high school, is filled with tables and chairs, where teenagers are crowded inside this room, attentively watching a television program. Seated in the first two front rows of the classroom are Jake, Jennifer, Catherine, Kristen, Suzanne, Karla and Shannon. These popular teenagers, dressed in preppy attire, consist of six snobbish girls and one athletic guy, and they are members of a clique. As I watch them, I notice Jennifer flirting with Jake, while Jake is complaining about his sore muscles and ignoring Jennifer’s advances. Jake looks like a small but muscular gymnast, and Jennifer looks like a conservative and homely marathon runner that is dressed in a cheerleading uniform. He keeps complaining to Jennifer that he is too thin, small and short, and that he has the body of a thirteen-year-old boy. As he is chatting with her, he keeps glancing towards my direction, one chair behind Jennifer’s chair, in the third row. Suddenly, Jennifer, the jealous bitch, walks by my table and inconspicuously places an ad for a fashion makeover inside my book while simultaneously chatting with Shannon. I hear her say a snide remark, intended for me, which sounds like, “This is for her, not for us.” They both smile in a sinister way that is filled with vindictive jealousy.
At the back of the room, students seem more serious and down-to-earth, sitting on the floor, watching the same television program, and analyzing the subject. I am wearing a casual and creative attire of black legging pants with patches on the knee areas, an oversized and faded denim jacket that once belonged to Maloney, my old plaid high-top sneakers with white socks, a long t-shirt with a big and black belt hanging loosely over my hips, and large and silver hoop earrings. I am getting tired of listening to Jake’s insecurities and Jennifer’s bitchiness, and I decide to move to the back area of the room to sit by the studious students on the floor. I sit on the floor by the class clown, a tall guy with light-colored curly hair, and he starts to chat with me and tell me jokes. While the popular girls are flirting with Jake, Jake turns his head toward my direction and glances at me, wondering why I would associate with that dork. I glance back at him for a second, but quickly turn my gaze away and ignore him, tired of his games. Jake gets pissed off and stands up from his seat, wanting to leave the classroom. As Jake walks toward the door, the popular girls follow him out, from the classroom, like his entourage. (As the first two rows leave the room, SCENE I fades into SCENE II).

The art gallery. Lelou Belle and I are sitting on the floor, chatting together, and discussing the artwork on the walls. I look up, at the wall, and notice one of my ink drawings, with the title “Devil Possession,” hanging on the right side...