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04/10/2019 01:31

Dream Vignettes by Fifi Leigh at

On Friday, April 5, 2019, I finally decided to self-publish my graphic novel. I edited the whole graphic novel four times, and I finally decided that enough is enough. I seemed to play with it every time, even though I didn't spot any typos. I guess I am never satisfied with my work, and there is...


02/15/2019 19:21

Finished my 2nd novel, Dream Vignettes

It is a rainy and cloudy month. I decided not to go on the Woodbridge meetup at 6 pm because it was just cold, cloudy and wet outside this evening, even though it was warm, sunny and peaceful in the morning. How quicky the sky changed. Anyway, this January 2019, I finally finished drawing my...


05/30/2010 00:01


  Early May 2010, animal rights activists and animal lovers join together to support Susan Barrett and other animal rights activists who are fighting to stop Robeson Animal Shelter from further killing the animals in their facility. Facebook users are asked to place a particular picture in...


05/24/2010 18:07

Israeli Apartheid Week Comes to UC Irvine

  As I browse through UC Irvine's Vendor Week during the first week of May 2010, I buy a couple of things that I need. A student hands me a postcard and I check it out. It is a four-day campaign to educate the students about the Israeli/Palestine conflict. It sounds interesting, and I decide...


02/26/2009 16:06

A New Year...

It is now 2009, it has been a rebirth for me, especially after last month's crap as well as the crap of the first 2 weeks of January. The aftermath of the mess has left me with a loss of smell. I am hoping it is only temporary. But I nevertheless continue my search for online writing jobs in the...


02/15/2009 16:38

9/06 to 2/07

Tuesday 20 of February, 2007 The author and ghostwriter of The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh continues her book promotion tour at various local events as well as internationally via the internet. She writes about the famous Fifi Leigh's autobiography of her career path and Fifi's spiritual...


02/15/2009 16:32

3/07 to 10/07

Friday 05 of October, 2007 Back in IMVU City, where I now have a company lobby, I occasionally promote my novel in this lobby, chatting with clients about my novel and future ventures. I don't have a back office yet because I am busy working on my graphic novel at my home art desk. Although it...


02/15/2009 16:23

11/07 to 2/08

Tuesday 19 of February, 2008 As I continue my Int'l book promotion tour via the internet, I also continue my IMVU Street Team promotions. I have added modern white chairs and circular contemporary glass tables for the waiting area in my business office, as well as some file cabinets and a coffee...


02/15/2009 16:10

An Update on my book promotion tour...3/08 to 12/08

It is almost winter, and my avatar is starting to feel the chills. Even I am getting cold in Southern California. But, since my avatar lives in tropical locales, jet-setting from various islands to downtown LA humidity and NYC fashion week, as she enjoys her many pools, evening BBQs, and riding...


05/30/2008 22:15

April 28th, Year 9, Wednesday excerpt

  A classroom, inside of a high school, is filled with tables and chairs, where teenagers are crowded inside this room, attentively watching a television program. Seated in the first two front rows of the classroom are Jake,...