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I am an Indie Graphic Designer, Novelist & Photographer. I self-published my 1st novel on, doing the whole process myself, from writing, editing, designing, publishing, and now marketing. The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh is a memoir, inspired by reality but fictionalized. I am currently trying to draw a graphic novel, which will be a prequel. On this site, I will highlight my book promotion tour, locally in The OC area as well as internationally via the internet. I have many profile pages on the internet, but the main ones are LULU, BEBO, MYSPACE and FACEBOOK, which I call my Book Signing Pages, where you can drop by, meet the writer, chat, get to know each other, and write me your feedback of what you would like to see in a future novel. To check out more profile pages, just type in the above book title and author's name in the search engine to see a list of all my postings on different sites.

My Lulu Website => my lulu website is now on, at, where I have my book promotion tour, marketing material and some excerpts.

My Lulu Order Page =>, where I have a 4-page excerpt from the novel as well as order page to buy a copy for $17.69

Myspace profile =>, where I have my photography and computer graphics artwork on a video, as well as other entertainment, blogs, jokes, music from musicians on my list, photos of myself at different events, etc.

Facebook => a place to just hang out and meet the writer. chat, exchange ideas, give me feedback about what you would like to an not like to see in future novels, and just get to know each other better as pen pals. Just look for Fifi Leigh on Facebook.

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Visitor's notice

It is January 2010, and I continue to build up my writing sites, mostly I promote my articles on my other sites, such as facebook, myspace, bebo, yahoo360, netlog, imesh, and the list goes on that sometimes I can't keep track of all of them. On January 16, 2010, I attended a Cirque Du Soleil Kooza, and I wrote a review for it on My graphic novel has been put on hold as I read various graphic novels as well as a book on scriptwriting before I continue drawing it.

In 2009, I continued my online journalism, joining as well as contributing articles to, and associated content. On, I summarized Survivor Samoa episodes as well as antm13 episodes, in which many people enjoyed reading. I also added some fashion update articles as well as some movie reviews. I also continue to write articles to fight for animal rights.

My IMVU life has been reduced to an occasional weekend trip to virtual reality fantasyland as I play with the graphics, decorate, and see what kind of avatar I will stumble upon. Life for me has moved on to online writing jobs, as well as doing part-time writing jobs at, bukisa and associated content. Look for fifileigh on these sites, and check out my articles there. Leave a comment or just say hi.

I continue my Street Team at the magazine as I contribute advice for a better and healthier living. My topics are under the titles, Tip of the Month and Exercise. I offer advice to young people in order to better their life.

I am also a Journalist/Editor/Project team member of a virtual reality fashion magazine on IMVU, writing fashion articles and events for the fashion magazine for March through May 2008 season.

2009 AGENDA:

February 28th, 2009 => UCI Homecoming Basketball Game and College event from 4pm to 9:30pm.


April 6, 2008 => I hosted one of the Magazine Release Parties at my beach house to promote and celebrate the 1st issue, April Issue of the fashion magazine.

April 10th => I went on-location to a local mall, at Bloomingdale's department store, to write an article on fashion event/model call for eveningwear fashions. This fashion event was sponsored by Vogue Magazine and ABS fashion designer.

April 12th => I went back to the same mall and department store to write another fashion article on the winners in their modeling debut, modeling eveningwear fashions in a fashion show. I enjoyed the cocktail party afterwards.

April 19th => UCI Wayzgoose Faire event

April 25th => Sebastian Sidi Concert

April 28 - May 2 => UCI Vendors Week event